Wednesday, April 28, 2021


 With overcast skies it was a perfect
time to catch some photos of my garden
today and share springtime:

I am sure you are like me and ready for
a consistent springtime.  We had two
nights a week ago that we had a freeze
and that was not nice for us garden lovers.

This year is my 5th garden year but
it will be our 6th summer in Missouri.

I am learning that once a garden
is established, there are always
things to share with others or
else it gets overrun.  I can't imagine
a selfish person having a garden as
it would become a jungle for sure.

Yesterday I started potting things for
our Daughter in Law.  She just
received her Doctorate and they
are moving here in town so she will be needing 
flowers for a new garden.  I am
very happy that she was hired at the
University of Missouri so they
won't be moving away. 

With overcast skies it was a
perfect photo day so I did some
collages because I had so many

The birdhouses have sparrows.
The bluebirds checked some of
our birdhouses out but wouldn't
take them.  All my Beatrix Potter
statuary has faired well this winter
since my husband and I covered 
them this time.  I have my replacement
 bird bath too for the one that cracked 
from not being covered 2 winters ago.

On the side of the house:

I hope your spring is lovely 
and I have exciting news.
I just had my very first
hummingbird for the season!


Lynn said...

Sounds like very good family news that your DIL and son will be living
close by. And with spare flowers from you to get the garden started.
Your flowers just look wonderful. Spring is such a season of rejoicing
and new growth for body and soul. Love seeing the flowers.

Anonymous said...

Your garden is lovely, you have a nice mix of color. It must be a lot of work and it shows. Thanks for sharing. xo, V

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Everything looks wonderful, Bernideen. Congratulations to your daughter in law and his perfect to be moving to your town. That is something to be thankful for.