Monday, April 26, 2021


 Don't you love it when your local
growers open up for business:

Yesterday our spring weather
finally came back so I returned
to a favorite place to see what they
might of added from a few weeks ago.

So this family business is south of town where they have upwards of 50 greenhouses 
where they grow.  You have probably seen how they cover a frame with heavy plastic and create a greenhouse. In other words,
 they aren't just reselling someone else's product but growing it

This place closes from labor day
to April but I imagine they are
busy planting in the greenhouses
starting in late January or February.

Many of the back row of 
greenhouses had seedings
coming along:

They  have such a wide variety of
things....many I have never heard of: 

Of course I love the topiaries but
have no way to bring them in at
wintertime so I already made that

You might enjoy "googling" who
grows plants in your area.


Lynn said...

Absolutely colorful green house there. I'm waiting another week up
here to go to mine. Can't wait to wander about and enjoy in person.

Linda Jennings said...

Wow! That is am amazing greenhouse operation. Thanks for your comments on my blog post, especially about my grandchildren. They certainly have grown up on the blog.