Sunday, October 17, 2021


 I had mentioned a few weeks ago that I
would be helping with a ladies tea at
church.  I think this was their first tea

 I was a hostess for one table and even had a man at my table because he and his wife led the music and worship time. You can see Blaz was making the best of the situation.

They oversee a local campus
sorority ministry for young women as part of the Assemblies of God called Chi Alpha.  I have enjoyed getting to know some of these girls who attend the University of Missouri, Stephens College and Columbia College - all here in Columbia, Missouri.

 The menu was 2 types of scones: plain with raisin and pumpkin date scones.  Hot black tea was served in teapots by the hostesses.

  The meal began with a nice fall salad with mixed greens and a few of each of these: sliced green grapes, mini English cucumbers, red onion, peas, craisins, mushrooms, shredded cheese, chopped apples and crispy onion rings. 

 The savories were: Finger sandwiches of Smoked Turkey with an orange marmalade and cranberry spread with a little lettuce, Cheese Spinach Mini Quiches and Pimento Cheese Pinwheels.  

The sandwich recipe was from Linda Jennings but suddenly I can no longer find it.  I forgot to tell the kitchen ladies not to pile up the sandwiches because they weren't as neat as they should have been.  That was my fault.
This is how we learn - right? 

 This was
my table for which 
I was the hostess:

The sweets must not be forgotten and they were wonderful: Pumpkin Raisin Cookies
made by Jeni:


Another great baker Connie made the Walnut Zucchini Bars and 
 Mini Cherry Cheesecakes
 were made by Sondra who is a great pastry chef and cook

and I want to try these myself sometime....she did a graham cracker base but you could also do a crushed oreo base.

Here are just a few photos of some of the 64 guests. (Jerry, Jeni and Sondra) My  friend and guest Stacey below: 

Our Pastor's wife Joy who is a "joy"!  Jeni and Laura:

This dear sweet lady Pat recently fell and broke
her hip and elbow but with lots of prayers going up - she's making  great comeback!

Connie to the left is another great baker and cook with Pat.

Linda was the Director who worked very hard to bring this event to fruition:


kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a fabulous tea party, Bernideen! It was so nice of you to help make it a success. Everything looked so wonderful. I wish I could taste everything. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Linda Baker said...

All your pictures are a joy to see! How lovely everything was..the guests, the food, the tables, and the sweet fellowship.
Blessings, Linda

Lynn said...

Simply marvelous tea. I'm hungry just looking at the wonderful shared
photos. so glad to see so many people enjoying a lovely outing.

Carissa (Regency Woman) said...

What a charming event! I'm so glad you were able to participate and really, to be such a huge part of it. I'm sure they appreciated all of your efforts.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Everything looks wonderful!! I can just hear the ladies oohing and aahing over all the delicious treats and lovely table settings. What a delightful time for everyone! Thank you for sharing this with us. There was certainly a lot of work involved in making this happen, but the results speak for themselves. Wonderful!! said...

I have looked for a tea blog by Linda Jennings, but can't find it. Could you give the website for her, please?

Vee said...

Everything looks beautiful and festive. As for the sandwiches...they probably were eaten and enjoyed all the same.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a delightful spread Bernideen, my mouth is watering just looking at the pictures. I've been to ladies church tea's before, so much commraidery and outpouring of togetherness.
What a lovely way to spend time with one another, especially after all the distancing we have endured.

Anonymous said...

A very delightful looking event! How lovely of you to work so hard, I’m sure everyone so enjoyed the yummy food and the great company. Thanks for sharing…I wish I could have attended, it’s looks just marvelous! xo, V
ps….you table and your china and flowers were beautiful !