Friday, October 22, 2021


 This is the time of the year that certain
garden chores must be done.  At least,
if you want to enjoy certain flowers in 
the spring, then they have to be done now.

This is an area near my Beatrix Potter
statuary where I want to have foxgloves.
Each Mother plant that bloomed this 
spring and into summer will now die.  However, often the mother plant and
 stalk produce little baby plants so I 
have to find them near the old plant 
that bloomed this summer.  If you don't
 get them down in some good dirt they
 get less feeding from the dying mother

 Also, they will form two places: at the base
of the plant and on the stalk.  Here are
some I quickly found today:

Walmart and garden centers sell little
jars of root boosting powder which I use by dipping the root end of the plant in water
first and then the root powder element:

These will have time yet to form some roots before it is really cold.  It is cool out and colder at night but that is ok. 

 This photo
below shows you a mother stalk and
 how the babies formed on the stalk. 
 You carefully peal them off.

You really need to get some new fresh
garden soil surrounding these new

Just flipping an existing plant back shows
 you it isn't even secure in the ground
 because it was a new baby plant.  

This one was
pulled out and replanted as there are
two there.  If it is not replanted with some
good dirt it probably will just dry up
and die this winter.

Some are bigger and some
tiny but these are all babies
for next year:

leave a little stalk too:

planted in better soil below:

Many of the ones
I pulled were already
showing signs of
distress from lack
of water from the mother stem.

You may have already been remembering
that other plants do this same type of
reproduction:  such as Lambs Ear

Another example is Sweet William:

You can see these forget me nots are
very dry and these babies weren't
hardly in any dirt and will just die
unless planted and watered:
(I do not use rooting element on either of 
these 2 plants as they will take off with
just the planting and water)

Make sure you put some new fresh
quality topsoil around those
baby foxgloves:

Hopefully - next spring and early
summer you will have lots:

Late note:  someone asked me where I
got this statuary that is similar to Beatrix Potter.  Actually I have 8 pieces like these
 all around the garden.  They are (click) Campania International
 A while back we got a new birdbath
 which was just the same as the old
one.  We ordered it and picked it up at a garden center in St. Louis.  
I will carefully cover this one better
with a heavy black plastic bag in winter!


A Brit in Tennessee said...

Lots of work for preparation but ooh how you will be greatly rewarded next Spring.
Foxgloves are my most favorite English cottage garden flower, seeing them in the garden transports me back to my grandma's little picket-fenced plot, completely covered in Foxgloves.
Enjoy your gentler Autumn days my dear friend.

Vee said...

How interesting. I have never heard of this way of keeping foxgloves and other plants going. You are a tenacious gardener.

Tammy H said...

Great gardening tips!

Lynn said...

It's good of you to show gardening tips. I always enjoy starting more plants from my originals. The fox glove is such an elegant plant, it shows what a little effort and the fun of gardening can do. Hope all make it to Spring for you.