Monday, August 13, 2012


This morning I was out in the garden - seeing what was "available" for a bouquet - No roses blooming - but there were plenty of Queen Anne's lace, Tansy, Foxgloves, Pink Baby's Breathe, Larkspur and some kind of "Bush With Berries".

I don't like that FTD look where they
stick the same things in the same place.

My flower garden still has a little
 of this and that...

Many years ago when dried flowers were all the rage I used dried tansy (the little yellow button looking flower in the herb family) so that's how it eventually ended up in my yard.

  It can get "out of control" so I really don't want it in the back yard. Can't stay here on the buffet in the kitchen as my husband
has terrible allergies!


  1. This bouquet and vase are fabulous; I want to grow foxgloves again, and love those blue delphiniums too. Your arrangement looks unique and a bit wild.

  2. That is a lovely bouquet and great photos too.

  3. Wha t a beautiful bouquet. love the foxglove.


  4. Hello Dear Friend, your bouquet turned out marvelously! I love the combination of colors and flowers - atop your beautiful sideboard/buffet (?)
    My children and husband have allergies too so I have to be very careful - still fun to create ;)
    I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,
    God Bless,

  5. Bernideen, your home is simply beautiful! Love your floral bouquet! Thank you for stopping by; we haven't chatted in so long!


  6. Beautiful, foxglove is another of my favorite flower.

  7. What a gorgeous bouquet!

    ***I am stopping by from A Delightsome Life and love your blog, have a great week! :)

  8. I have some tansy in my garden, too. It is considered a noxious weed here in Colorado and you can not buy it in a garden center. I got my first start over 35 years ago, but lost it in one of our moves. Then a few years ago I got another start from a friend. It looks pretty in your bouquet! Your garden has certainly grown the past few summers and is looking so nice.♥♫

  9. Admiring your foxgloves .. something I've never been able to grow!

  10. Hi Bernideen
    We have a small lot too; I can't imagine the amount of dead-heading Carolyn has to do.
    I recall the dried arrangements very well - dust collectors mostly.

  11. That's a pretty bouquet and I love the foxglove. I am swooning over your pretty china displayed on the wall.


  12. Hi Bernideen,
    What a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I love the pretty floral vase and your cabinet is fabulous. Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week.

  13. My delphiniums and foxgloves have been finished for awhile. Love them though. What a pretty floral arrangements. But what I really love is the teacup holder on the wall -so pretty.

  14. Bernideen,
    Your garden bouquet is just magnificent. Thank you for sharing it. You not only grow the prettiest flowers but you sure can arrange them too.
    Xo Ruthie

  15. Simply beautiful! I don't bring bouquets inside much either. My cat always wants to eat them! I can bring them in if I place them on the fireplace mantel; she hasn't figured out how to get up there.


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