Wednesday, February 3, 2021


 The first comment I am going to make is that this new blogger format sure is a lot more difficult to do.   I would hate to be learning about blogging  for the very first time.

Today I am sharing my armoire with you and I love mixing Valentines Day in with red transferware.  The banner was by Wendy Addison whose Ephemera is wonderful!

This tea cozy above was made with a

 Patience Brewster Tea Towel and

 a hanky and


Some people only do 
Christmas decorations
 but I still love to do it.


Many have snow right now but we do not.  We did hear something about an Artic blast and that sure sounds cold to me.  I wish I could discipline myself to go walk outside but I am very bad when it comes to being cold.

I love my Nicol Sayre Valentine lady:

If you haven't done so already - go back one post if you like and leave your name for
my drawing for the large Valentine Tea
 cozy drawing this Saturday. Names left here
won't be entered so please leave a name
on the proper post - thanks!


Catherine said...

Nice transfer ware and lovely valentine decorations

Deanna Rabe said...

I like your Valentine decor. Some years I decorate for Valentine's Day and other years I don't. I think I may get out some of my red/pink tea things and place them around the living room and kitchen (open concept). Thanks for the inspiration!

Sarah said...

Bernadette, I have to agree about the new format. It is not user friendly, especially loading photos and keeping them in the tray if one wants to go back and reload in a different spot.
That said, your valentine decor is lovely. I'm just adding a few touches this year. Seems my holiday mojo is lacking. I'm setting a table, adding a few things there and there, but that's it. Happy Valentine's Day!

Sarah said...

Bernideen, I apologize for typing Bernadette in my comment. I had just commented on another friend's IG post and her name is Bernadette. What can I say, I was careless. I know you are Bernideen

Sonia said...

Your collection of red transferware is beautiful! I only have a few pieces I've picked up at estate sales...but some of my favorites! Your tea cozies are so pretty! I am enjoying mine!

Lynn said...

Such cheerful Valentine tea decorations. And the useful kind for a lovely
hot drink. I always enjoy the tour especially this time of year. Cold frigid
weather in northern Ohio and lots of snow on the ground. I have my hot tea
a couple times a day. The mantle is looks inviting.

Hilltop Gardener said...

Bernideen. I love your Valentine decorations and I also love your tea cozy for a Valentine Tea. Please include me. Karen Mertens

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

I used to decorate for Valentines Day when the kids were growing up but not so much now. I have my red transferware out in the dining area all year round so it's perfect for Valentines decor. I also still have our main tree up in the family room which I have decorated in red and gold so that is enough for Hubby and me. Your armoire always looks so nice, Bernideen and I do love the red! I don't like the new format either. It takes getting used to that is for sure. It's a pity they can't leave things alone. I know many bloggers have stopped blogging because they have made so many changes the last number of years. It is hard to keep up with it. Take care!

Tammy H said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful Valentine decor. Your armoire is wonderful! Also love the tea towel tea creative. God bless and keep you safe.