Monday, February 15, 2021


 This winter is definitely colder

for a longer period.  We have

lived in Missouri 5 years and this

winter we are having the longest

stretch of cold weather. 

 It is around zero today.

This week while it was especially cold,

I sat at my kitchen table and made

some seed envelopes.  You might

like to make some too this winter while

you are stuck indoors.

I love the artwork of Edith Holden which
 is in these 2 books: The Country Diary 
of an Edwardian Lady and also
 The Nature Notes of an Edwardian Lady.

  If you have Windows on your computer these are easy to make each requiring 1 sheet of regular paper.  I used Pic Monkey to put the border around the photo but that may have been possible in Windows also
                          - not sure.

       This picture above shows you that after copied the photo I then pasted it in the center toward the top of the sheet of paper in Windows. You can see where I folded the paper after it was printed to form an envelope for seeds.  You can add your
own additional wording to your
photos - I used Pic Monkey for that.

You can find these books on all the

discount and used book sites.  They

came out originally in 70's and then

were popular with the
 Victorian of the 90's.

Last summer I had so many seeds to share with a few friends, some strangers and I sent a huge box full over to share with our local garden club (I am not a member) and they
loved them.  If you have Hollyhocks - you will
have tons of seeds!  I just used small plastic sandwich bags for my sharing - very plain indeed. These seed envelope would be used for more of a gift presentation.  You
could easily include one in a birthday card. 

As you can see, 
I made quite
a few:

I hope your winter is going well and of course one must not run out of bird seed.
 That would be terrible!

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Catherine said...

I have got the book, it’s a very good idea to keep seeds

Lynn said...

I enjoy seeing your crafting side come out. Never would have thought about
making seed envelopes over common plain plastic sandwich bags. What fun
and they are delightful to see. Appreciate the idea you have shared and the
photos. I can not keep the birds feed enough with 10 feeders and so much
snow. Trying to keep up with the demand gets me plenty of fresh air.

NanaDiana said...

What a sweet idea. Those are absolutely beautiful...and a smart idea. That is a gorgeous book, too. Happy Week to you! xo Diana

ellen b. said...

You are so creative and have a good eye for beauty. We are enjoying an indoor day while we watch the snow fall but we will be heading out for a Bible study later today driving carefully in the snow. Happy day to you!

Tammy H said...

Great idea for sharing extra seeds. I have an abundance of hollyhock seeds from last year so your craft project will come in very handy. Thanks much!

Ruthie Miller said...

These are absolutely charming!! I love that book and the illustrations and you have put it to such a lovely purpose. Loved seeing this!! Thank you.

Jean | said...

Bernideen, you are so crafty! These are beautiful! I'm sure this post is going to be a real perkative for those of us who are eagerly awaiting springtime.

CherylK said...

These are so sweet! I had hollyhocks bloom last year for the first time ever, and I saved every seed I could. My sister is trying to start some more in her greenhouse to get a head start on more plants. I love this idea, now I want to plan a tea-and-craft day to create some. I'm looking forward to your garden pictures soon! I always enjoy them.