Saturday, February 27, 2021


After staying at home for a very long time,
yesterday we decided to drive down
near Lake of the Ozarks to an area
called Osage Beach to visit the Yankee 
Peddler's Tea Room.  We have been here
4-5 times before and it is a luncheon type
tea room with good food.

The location of the tea room is in a charming
area known as the Landing on Main Street.
As we drove in, these folks were coming
out the door:

As we entered:

The menu is more of a luncheon type
menu and they have an incredible salad
which is very popular.  If you can't go yourself
you can cheat and see the ingredients here as
it is called the "Go Nuts" Salad:

This tea room also has an antique mall
and gift shop just across the street which
we enjoyed.  We found a cute purse there
for our Granddaughter.

On the way home (about 1 hour + from 
where we live) we pass over a small part
 of the vast and widespread 
Lake of
 the Ozarks.
  It was a very overcast day.

Just outside the area on Highway
54 going north there is something new 
that we checked out:  an antique mall!

 And of course along the way home
going north we pass by the State
 Capitol in Jefferson
City, Missouri:


Lynn said...

Bernideen, thank you for the eye candy this morning. Loved seeing warmer
area that had no snow on the ground. And I can imagine the fun and flavor of
the tea shop for lunch. I also like your new header picture. Cheery. Lynn

Terra said...

I love tea rooms, this one looks spectacular. And a gift shop across the street and nearby lake, I would like to visit there

ellen b. said...

How nice to have a drive with a nice meal to enjoy at your destination. My kind of outing! Looks like a nice spot. Hope you have a good week.