Monday, October 7, 2019

AN AUTUMN "Tea In The Garden"

This summer has been so busy running
in all sorts of directions so it is time for
me to get back on track here and do a
"Tea in The Garden" again.  If I have
counted correctly (?) I believe this
will be something like #168 for me:

It seems like blogging has lost it's charm
among many and not so many read
blogs anymore.  I must confess that this
summer I started to drag with posting.

We are happy to be enjoying some lovely
weather now in the 60's to 70's which is
really quite shocking.  We find ourselves
getting cold.  You know, you get used to
whatever you have and then you either
freeze or burn up accordingly.

My garden was chosen by some moles to
tunnel through but I'm hoping they get
rather bored and move on.  At the end
of the season I have some lovely blue
hydrangeas on the other side of the pond.

Please help yourself to some tea using the
silver plate strainer.  Have a nice Scottie
 Shortbread cookie too!

This old teapot must of been loved because
it has a lot of crazing but that's all right.
  I am drawn to old worn things.

 I hope you enjoyed our little tea time today....


Louca por porcelana said...

WOW!Such beauty and inspiration!!!What a wonderful garden!Love your charming table and adorable flowers bouquet.Gorgeous quilt too!It is a pleasure stopping by!Hugs!

podso said...

A lovely garden tea. And hearing about the lower temperatures makes it sound so refreshing! Our first day below 90, last Saturday felt like a celebration. Of course it was breezy and gray too so it made it feel even more like fall. I spotted a saucer holding your short bread--Old Mill I think it's called by Johnson brothers. My grandmother had those dishes as did my mother and then I got them for my wedding! They were put away for a long time and then gotten out and I especially enjoyed using them in autumn. I gave them finally to my sister in law and miss them but happy they are enjoying them.

Sandi Magle said...

How lovely Bernideen, your sweet little doll certainly deserves the lovely dishes, and shortbread is always a favorite. I don't know if blogging is going to the wayside, or is it just the fact so many treat it as a business instead of the connection and sharing it used to be. I'm guilty of not leaving comments on every post---which really is the only way to know ---that someone is on the other end!

I'm always fond of your posts---and enjoy them immensely---I'll just have to let you know, 'Killroy' was here! Grins, Sandi

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

We didn't have much of a summer and the autumn is rather cool as well. Makes me wonder what kind of winter we're in for. I haven't seen birds in ages. A chickadee now and then but all the rest seem to have vanished.
Your tea is lovely and those little Scottie dogs are so good! A beautiful flower arrangement too.
I find fewer and fewer folks are blogging and even fewer seem to visit. It's a bit discouraging, isn't it? Perhaps blogging has run its course after all. It sure was fun in the beginning though and there were so many lovely parties to join. I miss that!

Linda Baker said...

I don't write a blog myself, but I get such enjoyment and inspiration from your posts, as well as a few others. You, plus your fellow bloggers, have shared the beauty and blessings of your surroundings, interests, travel and knowledge that benefit readers in so many ways. Thank you once again for the lovely visit of "Tea in the Garden"...And the Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt is beautiful.

Sarah said...

Such a special teatime. Your little doll, dressed for autumn, makes me smile. She's adorable. Happy October, Bernindeen!

Marilyn Miller said...

What a lovely tea in the garden.
I know alot of bloggers that no longer blog or come visiting. I will say Instagram is so much easier. I cut my blogging from 5 times a week to 2-3 times a week. I always say I do it for myself because I can write more and post more pictures. I like having the record of events, tea, and garden times. Now thus said, lately I have seen a few bloggers say they miss it and think they might return to it. We will see.

Curtains in My Tree said...

So glad to enjoy tea in the garden with you probably for last time this season, unless you do tea in the snow for us. It's turning cold quickly
Always enjoyable

Anonymous said...

Your blog has always been a special one to visit and I always look forward to what you have to share. I can only hope that blogging will return to what it once was and we will see more Tea Time blog post. Please don't stop posting.

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
Your Tea in the Garden is so lovely. Our weather has not been so good this month and I don't think I will have tea outside now until next spring. Your shortbread looks so delicious and I always enjoy seeing your beautiful china. Thank you for visiting me. Blessings! Karen

Jean | said...

Bernideen, I always enjoy your Tea in the Garden. I don't think blogging has run its course yet. I think they'll be around for a while. I've given up on a few of the blogs I used to follow as they've gone completely commercial. Every post is a sponsored post, and the blogger's voice is completely gone. But I continue to enjoy you and my other "tea ladies" and some other blogs on all sorts of topics. In four more months I'll be marking my 10th Blogiversary--hard to believe!

jeanniemc said...

I absolutely love your blog and this teatime is just lovely! I, for one, love to read blogs and follow quite a few....I get home, cooking, and just fun ideas for my house! I don’t always leave a comment but I might try to leave a few words more often if blogs might go away... I think bloggers are some of the nicest people ever and hope that everyone continues to write their blogs to give us a few minutes of joy, laughter and ideas for our homes!

Joy B said...

Your garden is SO pretty, and I love the quilt with your flowers.