Thursday, October 24, 2019


So out in my front yard I had one area where
I had not finished digging out the lawn and
 putting in the rest of the flower garden.  I
look at these photos and can't believe it took
me several days of digging this out.  Now we
need 30 more of those cement decorative
blocks to put around the edges and bark.

I extended this area away from the pussy willow. 
It was only 40 degrees outside
today so
I am glad to
get this done.

Of course now
I must go get the cement border pieces and
the mulch.  The real work was picking out
the BERMUDA grass the neighbor planted 
which has come into our yard.  That grass
is horrible and I don't like it!

Isn't it easy to put things off?  I sat on 
myself this week as I find every year now
physical things become harder.  So, it was
do it now as next year it will just be harder.
I am thrilled to get this digging done. I could
have never done it if I hadn't been walking
an hour each day for the last year.

I left the center open so my husband can
drive his mower through easily.

Three weeks ago a naughty man drove up
in the truck and parked in front of
our house at 4:33 am. In the dark, he stole
 my grey wheel barrel which I now realize
 I should not of left outside the garage.
  The neighbors video camera across the street
 caught him from  several angles but then -
 there must be a million trucks like his in
 this town. So we had to buy new wheel barrel 
which is easier to push really with two wheels.

By the front door walk: 

I have 2 butterfly bushes still blooming
only because I deadheaded them this summer.

Perhaps you have been in the
 midst of some
fall garden preparations too.


Thelma said...

You did a great job preparing those beds. I can't believe that someone would ride up and steal your wheelbarrow. We have to keep everything under lock and key. That's a shame.

Beth said...

Hi Bernideen, It still looks pretty in your yard! I don't have much blooming but everything is still green - no hard freezes yet. I've spent quite a few hours doing garden clean up and today I sprayed deer repellant. Always garden tasks to do, until the snow covers it all up!

Vee said...

My front garden is being used as a bed for deer. I am giving it a good leaving alone until we have a hard freeze. Don’t want to risk deer ticks. I am sorry that you had a thief take off with your wheelbarrow. Was it a vintage wood one? I hope not! But they are highly prized in my corner.

Glad that you got it accomplished. Show us again when you have your edgings placed. No rush!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

As late in the season as it is and you still have beautiful plants and flowers! That is wonderful. My roses right up against the house are still blooming, but my zinnias are looking a little frost shriveled. People who steal items out of front yards really make me angry. It's too bad his license plate didn't show in any of the neighbors' security videos.

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

That looks really nice Bernideen! Glad it is crossed off your to do list! :)

Lynn said...

You have such color still in your gardens! In north central Ohio, we
just have some trees with yellow leaves and lots bare! Love seeing your
yard and your hard work. Only people who actually garden realize it is
not easy or quick work.

ellen b. said...

You've done a great job. We still have lots to do before the snow falls. Sorry about the wheelbarrow.