Friday, August 21, 2009


I enjoy visiting Aiken House and Garden - a list of my favorite blogs are over at the right.
It is the most beautiful garden at Carolyn's on Prince Edward Island. If you enjoy gardening, you must visit it at

My back yard is small - but big enough for me as I am a working lady and this garden layout, though small, has taken me a while to dig out.  I took a photo from the upstairs
looking down.

This summer I started a project and since I work a lot I just did a little each week.....I took out a section of the lawn on each side of my back yard and the first to happen was this left side with a giant Colorado Blue Spruce.

Then I did the opposite right side:

And this photo taken through the window screen 
shows how I was able to finally join the two in the middle. 

I think a garden team could easily get
this all done in a day or just hours but....

I do have a great deal to 
learn as I had a vegetable garden back in the 70's but want 
to learn to grown  some
flowers from seeds and
I am not sure Colorado
is the best place for
that without a 

Our summer is shorter and
 it stays cool at night.


  1. Hi Bernideen,

    Thank you so much for the compliments on our garden and for the link too.
    I love the new header on your blog.Your garden is charming and I am sure you will get lots of enjoyment from it.
    Thank you again,

  2. I love your garden. I wish I could do something to mine, perhaps in the fall, it just gets to hot in Florida to work outside much. Love the door, a neat idea.

  3. A very pretty garden and I do think gardens look great from above.

  4. Things are looking mighty fine in that backyard Bernideen! Good job... :0)

  5. Fun to see the different views of your yard.

  6. I love your backyard garden! And that new banner is awesome!! Did you make the chair covers? they are divine!!


  7. Bernideen, it's too hot here to enjoy my garden right now. I'm ready for summer to end! Your garden is lovely, and I know the temps in Colorado are just perfect. Enjoy your wonderful setting!

    Have a great weekend!
    Hugs from Hyacinth

  8. Your garden is really lovely. What a pretty welcome door - I love the climbing flowers and sign. Your Colorado Blue Spruce is quite stately.

  9. Lovely... *sigh*

    Sweet Weekend Blessings to you!!

    Love~ Miss Jen

  10. Wow...your garden/back yard has a lot of "wow" factors! I love all your intimate spots...very inspirational! Keep up the great work!! ~Donna

  11. Happy Pink Saturday!

    The Blue Spruce is my favorite tree!
    Your garden looks so cozy...

    ~ Gabriela ~

  12. So pretty photos from your yard, it's so beautiful.

  13. Photos are very nice. Great job. I had to close my blog because my template crashed. I tried many options but kept getting error messages.
    I am working on a new blog, I will let you know when ready.


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