Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Welcome "Tea In The Garden" and welcome to a cup of tea and sweet repose..........even Mr. Squirrel is standing by ready and eager to participate!

Join me for a few moments of rest and relaxation.  Leave your troubles behind (we all have some) and reflect on God's beautiful nature. I know many have been experiencing a very hot last week so we can all cool off under the shade of the early morning. 

I have several of these old Victorian flower baskets and brought one up from basement to do an arrangement for our teatime....  

We are so glad to see the fires coming under control on top of the mountains and pray for the 347 families who lost their homes and the relatives of the couple who died.  It has been a difficult time for city but now BETTER DAYS are ahead...putting the past behind...we press on.....

I have had this treasure box most of my life.  I believe I received on a trip to 
New Hampshire as a child.

Of course Miss Tabitha and Mr. Jeremy Fisher
 are joining the party.

I am a "Visual Person" as you can see...
I love "pretty" and "sweet".


  1. Hi Bernideen, Gorgeous teapot! Lovely garden. I like your bouquet and your mosaics are beautiful too. I especially like your roses.
    xo Beth

  2. Hi Bernideen,
    Pretty and Sweet - how nice that sound. And that is exactly how your garden tea time looks. All is done with love and gracefulness. The wonderful garden with Mr. Fisher and Mrs. Tabitha and the lovely tea time. Thank you for this most enjoyable tea break. This is really a moment to forget everything else.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  3. Hi Bernideen,
    Lovely floral arrangement! I am a visual person too and I love your pretty teapot and garden setting. The tea table looks beautiful draped in lace and sheer tablecloths. Thanks for hosting and Happy 4th of July!


  4. Hi Bernideen! Lovely garden tea this week - your ivy teapot would look lovely with the ivy cup and saucer I recently got as a gift for my sister visiting from Florida. She loves all things ivy. Especially love your squirrel friend peaking in on all the loveliness! So glad things are settling down with your fires. I'm in South Jersey where many of our region are still without power after a devastating storm early Saturday morning - 30 minutes of a derecho leaving hurricane damage. Quite a war zone my home town is. Yet, we have been spared any damage and have had power since early on. We've had the joy of being a place of rest and food in air conditioning with temps in the mid to upper 90's.
    All will be well . . .

  5. What a lovely teapot and the sheer tablecoth is so delicate and pretty. Your Flowers are beautiful too. Thank you for sharing...

  6. What a beautiful setting in a beautiful garden Bernideen!
    I love the basket of glorious flowers!

  7. I am very much a visual person too - love seeing the beauty of the world! Your flower arrangement, teapot and garden come together as a pretty picture! I appreciate you hosting!


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