Monday, September 15, 2014


Yesterday the weather was lovely and we decided to go up into the mountains west of Denver to Idaho Springs and Georgetown, Colorado.  First stop was Idaho Springs:

Old mining towns line the interstate and now attract tourists evading the fast pace and looking for a slowdown.

Most of these old towns have buildings now used for 
 shops and restaurants:

Of course there are always old Victorian houses:

This photo below was taken from our moving car on the interstate:

The next stop was our main designation:  Georgetown, Colorado where the movie "The Christmas Gift" with John Denver was filmed many years ago.  This little town is my favorite place in Colorado because I love that Christmas movie.

Georgetown is a small town with Victorian houses with the lovely "Clear Creek" winding through town:

Of course - I always look for this house where John Denver who portrayed an architect sent to Georgetown by his boss to see about developing the town  visited Susan McMillan who worked at the local post office.

Below is the hotel where John Denver stayed with Aunt Henny and her brother Buzz who ran the Busy Bee Cab Company:

The post office where Susan worked:

This cold stream rushes all through the town:

 Another tiny town where we stopped for a couple minutes - Empire, Colorado:

And a past post on Georgetown can be found HERE!  The second issue of Victoria (if you have old copies) was a feature on Georgetown. If you ever see the movie it is wonderful!
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Penny @ Penny's Vintage Home said...

I enjoyed "riding along" with you so much...thank you for sharing your trip! I've been in Colorado several times with H on company is a beautiful area. Hugs, Penny

Rosemary said...

What a fun travel-log! Thanks for sharing! Did you visit the Dusty Rose Tea Room?

Karen said...

Hi Bernideen,
What gorgeous pics! How I would love to visit there. It does look amazing! Take care,

Martha's Favorites said...

What a beautiful place! I could stare that those pictures for hours. Thanks so much for sharing. Hugs, Martha

Beth in NEPA said...

What a fun trip.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Colorado looks like a very rugged and beautiful place. I am learning a bit about it because I am reading a series of books written by Tamera Alexander. Wonderful stories! Also, my son is applying for his next job in Colorado. The town you have taken us to is very quaint and I love that stream which runs through it. I don't remember that movie but I must have seen it for I adore Christmas movies and I was a fan of Denver's.


Angela McRae said...

I wish I could have been in the car with you for this adventure! It looks like a beautiful town, and I KNOW we would have enjoyed stopping by some of the same places! ;)

Marilyn Miller said...

It has been so long since we visited these places, but certainly brings back memories. Love Georgetown and the surrounding country side. Just beautiful!

Kathy said...

Absolutely charming! I do appreciate you sharing with A Return to Loveliness,

A Brit in Tennessee said...

What a lovely town. It reminds me of Manitou Springs, nestled against those majestic Rocky Mountains.
John Denver was the only man I would have left my husband for if given the chance, I still love him and his music ;)

Barbara said...

I loved and appreciated this post as I was a great fan of John Denver and although I have films of his life story etc. these photos are so clear.