Wednesday, February 28, 2018


This winter I have been enjoying a 
lovely large book I purchased from
one of the online used book groups.

In the dreariness of winter -
 it is a delight!  I also invite
you to join me for a cup of
tea and I am enjoying 2 new
teacups and a fun clock I
want to share with you.

But first - isn't this photo of Monet's
garden ever so lovely and are you
feeling any
garden inspiration?

I was imaging being a young 
adult who could "intern" here.
You could learn so much in
this garden.

I wanted to share that I got the pretty
teacups for just $4.00 each.  My husband
was running an errand and saw an 
estate sale.  We hadn't planned to go
the first 2 days as it rained both days. 
Evidently they decided to go a 3rd day
and when he saw it, he stopped.  It seems
 the rain had kept away the teacup
 lovers so he got them at 1/2 price.

The cup on the right is a Royal
 Chelsea with Roses and 
the green one is an Old 
Royal that has hand
painted lupines:

Then there is the fun little clock
you see.  My friend Janice looked at
it in a booth at an antique mall last
Saturday but she put it back.  I made sure
she wasn't wanting it and she said no so
I said I would buy it as I loved the little
china piece from Germany.

So should you have nothing in mind
to dream about tonight I share one
last photo from my book:


  1. What a pretty tea today, my friend, and yes, the book is ever so lovely! The teacups are so pretty, and that clock....darling!!! Thank you for hosting your party. I guess it's about time to unwind from our birthday month.

  2. Your clock is darling, Bernideen! Such pretty teacups too. Monet's Garden is a wonder! One to get lost in for sure. I'm not a gardener but I do love gardens and flowers. Fresh flowers in one's home always bring a smile and their beauty; contentment. It's wonderful that your hubby appreciates vintage treasures too. It's lots more fun to go treasure hunting when Hubby shares your hobby. Thanks for the party and always inspiring us with your pretties.

  3. Monet’s Garden is full of inspiration! What lovely teacups. And such a pretty clock.


  4. How beautiful Berneedin ! Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you for the lovely tea party dear friend.

  5. Beautiful book and tea setting. It is such a magnificent place to visit. Have a wonderful week. xoxo Su

  6. That looks like a glorious book! Perfect for garden dreaming. Love your cute clock! And your hubby is a sweetie! I went to Giverny once in the 1980s and it was amazing! Have a lovely week! Thanks so much for hosting and linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. What lovely teacup finds. Now I am dreaming of Monet's garden. I have had the opportunity to visit this garden twice and I feel thankful for that wonderful memory.

  8. OMG Bernideen Didn’t you have fun at the antique mall.... The little clock has such personality... and the teacups were a real buy( such a thoughtful husband)... They fit your Monet theme perfectly...May I please have my tea in Old Royal Green teaset... It will seem like a sip of Springtime. Thanks for the gardening inspiration....Hugs

  9. Hi dear Bernideen!Your finds are stunning!Great treasures!The clock is adorable.Here those teacups cost six to tenfold more than you paid for them!!!Gorgeous teapot.Love the embroidery tablecloth and the sweet figurine too.Your book looks wonderful...Thanks for hosting,hugs!

  10. Your clock is really cute, I am glad you got it. It looks a bit like a Staffordshire piece. :) Your teacups are pretty too! And the gardens in your book are fantastic!!

  11. Those pretty teacups were a great score! We don't seem to have as many estate sales here...or maybe I just don't know how to find them. Thank you for hosting and enjoy the last day of February!

  12. Bernideen, that book is gorgeous! I would spend hours drooling over it. Your new teacups are fabulous as well. I passed up three beauties at Home Goods today. Not vintage of course, but so pretty. I just have way too many dishes. :)

  13. Bernideen, I love Monet. And you sounded just like me when you were contemplating a younger you interning at the garden! Love your new teacups AND the fact that it was your sweet husband who found them.

  14. Those two teacups are adorable, they were a great find!

  15. That clock pot is wonderful. I can see why you couldn't pass it up. Thanks for hosting your lovely party.

  16. Hi Bernideen. The book is right up your street indeed! Your garden is always gorgeous! Love the moss rose set! Thanks for hosting and have a great week!

  17. How beautiful is that garden book! Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!


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