Wednesday, May 2, 2012


As the sun rose from the east in my backyard, I took a few moments this morning for tea and writing a few notes...I have trouble getting enough light in my photos this early but I hope you will enjoy these tranquil moments.....

There aren't too many blooms yet in the garden but I am happy to find a nice green lawn after a winter of "brown".  As you can see I am a notorious "feeder of the birds" and spoil the squirrels as well.

I found a picnic basket in the basement that I had given my daughter when she was a teenager....

The art of letter writing has rather fallen victim to the internet but I find that elderly people still love getting notes from you and I and perhaps you could think of someone who would love to hear from you!  The world of the elderly is less hurried and it is so special when the postman brings a special card or note from someone in their past!  I saw a bag the other day that read "kindness matters".  That is so true!  Take some time this summer to remember a senior....

I see so many little Queen Anne's Lace plants popping up in my garden....this year will be the second summer since I dropped seed and it looks very promising.  The seeds were gathered in Missouri and aren't indigenous to Colorado.  I know this "flower" is really a weed but I love them!


  1. Hi Bernideen,
    this is such a nice spot to sit under the lilac tree. What a cute picnic basket in heart shape. And your china is lovely as always. I hope it will become a wonderful garden year. Then we can sit outside many times and enjoy the flowers.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  2. Lovely post! Can't join today, but I'll see what I can do next week!

  3. Your post is delightful and so refreshing. I LOVE your daughters HEART PICNIC BASKET! I do remember those and it's DARLING there on your table! I have quite a few picnic baskets piled in my pantry FILLED with napkins...LOVE every one of them, "BUT I DON'T HAVE a HEART ONE"!. Hmmm, wishlist addition!
    My Tree peonies are beginning to open and smile at me BUT we've had a week of misty weather so I can't have tea in the garden "YET"! I'll be joining you soon!
    Have a wonderful week,

  4. I do want to join you.I will need to work on it though and today I'm babysitting My Grandkids.Next week I'll try to remember to prepare. Blessings to you Denise

  5. Lovely outdoor tea.

    Love the basket - and the important reminder about sending snail mail - we all love it.

    Thank you for hosting a wonderful linky party! Hope for less rain for next week's submission!

    Have a tealightful day!

  6. Lovely setting for tea.. and I love your chintz china... thanks for sharing and for inviting us all to enjoy tea in the garden!

  7. Hi Bernideen,
    What a darling corner of your yard for the picnic table. The heart shaped picnic basket is so special! I'm so glad you still have it. Your flowering bush is beautiful. My bushes and trees aren't flowering yet, but soon I hope! Love your pink flowered teapot and you made a pretty spot for letter writing.

  8. Hi Bernideen,

    How nice to have tea on the picnic table. I have a heart picnic basket too :-) Thank you for hosting our lovely party.

  9. Hi Bernideen, Your yard and garden are lovely. I enjoyed seeing your bouquet of wildflowers in the lovely vase on your floral plate. Thanks for the reminder that kindness matters. Amen!
    Hugs, Beth

  10. Your picnic table setting is very pretty. The garden is looking lovely and what a delightful little bouquet that is in the glass cup.

    I miss having lilacs in the yard. There were lilacs of every color in our yard when I was a child.

  11. What a pretty setting! The basket so is sweet and a perfect companion for your outdoor tea. My garden won't be blooming for a while yet but thought I would link up this week's TTT. Hope it's OK. Enjoy your weekend.


  12. I love to get letters with stamps and paper to hold in my hands too! I have been sending a letter once a month to my 6th grade teacher, a WWII vet who now lives in Sun City. I write at least two pages with a nice pen on stationery. I include a monthly paper craft tag for each new month. I don't hear anything back but I know the joy of receiving a letter and hope it brings some happiness to him.


  13. I have never seen a heart shaped picnic basket- I think I need one for my collection! I use my picnic baskets as end tables in my living room.
    I have worked in the Nursing HOme setting for over 5 years and get to deliver the mail- the joy on the face of the recipients is priceless
    I love snail mail!


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