Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Welcome to this special "CHRISTMAS THYME TEA" .  Won't you join me for a time of sharing and reflecting on the joys of this season.  I am so pleased too because I found 3 new "old" cups and saucers over the weekend.  They are all English.  I decided to share those:  

The brands of these cups and saucers are:  Tuscan,  Royal Standard and Roslyn.  Most all are numbered and they are lovely.  I love collecting cups and saucers so come over to my cabinet and let me show you what I collect.

The holiday season came so quickly after our late Thanksgiving and brought with it busy days!  Hours are filled with shopping, crafting, planning, baking and cooking, decorating and of course finding time for the newest Christmas Hallmark movies. As a Christian, I am particularly focused on the celebration of the birth of Jesus.  In 1999 we had the privilege of visiting Israel and Bethlehem and the place which is believed to be built over the original location of the manger.  It was a thrill to see first hand so many places referenced in the Biblical account of Jesus birth.

I am using my Trellis Bird Teapot and Cream and Sugar with the teacups.  Please help yourself to some "White Christmas" tea which is made from white tea, almonds and vanilla!  I love these little tea bag sachets.

Say, do you like cookies?  I didn't want to assume anything here but figured you did!  I have been seeing this recipe on Facebook and wanting to try the newer Sugar Cookie recipe that has sour cream in it as I heard it is nice and moist.  Please help yourself!  I do think they are softer cookies and here in Colorado where things dry out quickly, that's helpful.

Here is the recipe for the The Sour Cream Sugar Cookies that you will definitely want to go copy!!!!  The icing doesn't have egg whites.  I always used Martha Stewart's egg white icing before. This icing does take a little longer to dry.

I hope you can join me to by linking a post to your special posting about tea below at the bottom of this page  I will also be linking this post some special blogging friends I have enjoyed "meeting" through blogging:

I leave you with this one last bit of advice:


  1. It's all so beautiful. I love the variety and the femininity of your teacups. They don't make them like that anymore. I love your angels. XOXO

  2. Hi Bernideen,
    Your new teacups are lovely finds. You sound like you are a very busy lady with all that you do. I love your pink cabinet which holds your pretty collection. The bird trellis teapot set is a favourite and your cookies look so festive. Thank you for hosting your lovely Christmas Thyme Tea and for joining me for mine as well. Wish we could sit and sip a cup together for real. Have a happy week, my friend.

    Christmas blessings,

  3. Things are looking Christmas cozy at your place Bernideen! Blessings.

  4. Your tea cups are stunning. The cookies look wonderful and I bet they are so yummy. Yes, please I will have two, thank you. All of your decorations look very lovely.

  5. Oh so lovely to view your tea time. Your new to you cups and saucers are so lovely and fun finds. Glad you baked the beautiful Christmas cookies for they are so yummy with your special tea. Have a wonderful time enjoying the Hallmark movies with your husband!

    Sending a Happy Greeting from Texas,
    Pam and Bert

  6. Love your new teacups! Lovely! And your tea table is so festive! I actually like the Harney black holiday tea better than the white, both are so nice! I am making cookies tomorrow, I think. I am wanting some Christmas cookies! It certainly seems the Christ in Christmas is getting lost. I couldn't find one special so far with a spiritual theme or acknowledgement of His birth. That's sad! Merry Christmas to you. Thanks for sharing your wonderful post with Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  7. What beautiful teacups, Bernideen, and I love the adorable spoons. All your decorations are so pretty. I will want the recipe for the soft sugar cookies. Thank you for hosting your wonderful party. xo

  8. I love your decorating and keeping the true meaning of spirit...I'm also drawn to your lovely tea cups and long to have mine unpacked:-D XOXO

  9. Hello Bernideen
    You've shared three pretty teacups from your collection and table looks inviting g to us as usual. I'm going to have a look at the sour cream sugar cookie recipe but have to admit like mine crisp. I use Kitty's recipe that she shared a couple of years ago.

  10. Beautiful cups, Bernideen! The cookies look so pretty and scrumptious...Christine

  11. Love your new teacups! And yes, please pass the cookies!

  12. Your teacups are very pretty! I see you have the matching sugar and creamer for my teapot with the bird on it...sweet!
    I will have to try the cookies- they look good.

  13. Hi Bernideen: Your angels are amazing. I would love to see your tea cup collection, it looks so beautiful. You are so right, Jesus is the reason for the season. Hugs, Martha

  14. Your new teacups are gorgeous, Bernideen. Great finds. I enjoyed a peek inside your cabinet as well. You have many lovely tea things. Your cookies look pretty. Merry Christmas!

  15. Oh, I want to go to Israel! Everyone I know who has been says it really makes the scriptures come alive for you after that since you can visualize where things occur. And your cookies are beautiful!

  16. Hello Bernideen, I am late to your party, as I was travelling by car all day yesterday. Your tea time today is so lovely. Your three new cups are particularly cheery! Each one is really fab. I am happy for your find.
    Those cookies look so delicious! oh my!

  17. Would love to try those cookies. I'm ready for another recipe! I love the shakes on top of your blog. Hope all is well in your world. Always a treat to visit your blog.

  18. Oh, Bernideen! Those cookies look delish and that White Christmas Tea sounds splendid. Yes, lease, I'd love a cuppa and cookie! Lovely post - and such a bright and cheerful setting. Glory!

  19. Lucky you to find those beautiful tea cups and those Christmas cookies look delicious. Visiting Israel and Bethlehem must make Christmas more special than ever for you! Merry Christmas! Nancy

  20. Bernideen, love your tea cup collection! I don't know what I did wrong with the link, but my gingerbread photo is not showing.

  21. Oh, Bernideen, your Christmas tea is so pretty. I so wish I could have gotten things together this week to join in the fun. Wish there were more hours in a day in December!

    Big hugs.

  22. Hi Bernideen,
    Sorry I linked up so late this week. I had hernia surgery on Tuesday morning. I love your teacups today and that pink shelf is my favourite! I just adore that. Thank you for hosting Friends Sharing Tea. Have a wonderful week. Karen

  23. Bernideen, I love your new teacups! Perfect addition to your collection. Is that Nativity a Bethany Lowe one? I love her primitive style! So of course I also adore your angels. I wish I had a post to join. Maybe next week. Thanks for sharing with the Sugar and Spice Creating Christmas party.


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