Saturday, March 2, 2019


A few months back, the Children's
Director at my church approached me
 about borrowing my tea room.
Since they are from my church and
the date was open,  how could I say
 no to those sweet mothers and daughters. 

I let the committee in several times
 this week to set the tables, do their
flowers, get a plan and figure
out their format for tea time. 
 It was held early on Saturday 
because everyone wanted to move 
on to their busy day.

For me,  I helped in the dish washing department at the end
 of the tea. Since they are my teacups
 and teapots, etc. I thought
 maybe I would jump in.

I hope you enjoy the photos of
the room.  I am not sharing photos
of the children for privacy reasons
but will tell you this table was
where girls sat who came here
from Rwanda and several were
born in a refugee camp.  They
were totally awestruck!

Teapots and Afternoon
 Tea Trays were
used at every table.

I do have permission to share
this photo of the director and
her daughter:


  1. How sweet of you to let them use your tearoom! I bet they were thrilled with every thing!

  2. The room is beautiful, the food looks great, the china is pretty...and you are using your lovely tea room to further God's message. Thank you!

  3. What a beautiful layout. Such lovely tables and I bet the girls were just awe struck.

  4. What a gorgeous tea room and set up for the girls to enjoy.

  5. I have been severely absent the last few months - but oh my word, dear Bernideen, this is one of the neatest posts ever. You are one very special lady to open your home/ awesome tea room to such special guests.

    God bless you. And my word I love your tea room! It - like you - is just awesome!!!!!

    Hugs. ♥

  6. I love this! I've been able to do something similar in the past. What is on the slices of bread with a strawberry? Is it sweetened cream cheese?

  7. Oh Bernideen, what a delight it was to see your home used as a special tea party! I do believe this is your calling in share your love of tea, and your pretty things with others. Love this!!

  8. Everything looks so pretty! I'm sure that the mothers and daughters greatly appreciated your generous hospitality.

  9. What a wonderful experience for everyone. Love how pretty your room looks with the smaller tables set-up. Lovely!

  10. What a sweet event and how nice that you could hold it in your tea room! Each table looked just right. Now I'm hungry!

  11. What a lovely tea you made possible for those ladies and girls by allowing them to borrow your tea room! The tables, the china, and the food all looked wonderful. That little miss in the last photo looked like she was having fun. What a wonderful ministry, Bernideen!

  12. It's so lovely to see your tearoom in action and so many young people enjoying old-world traditions...How kind of you to share your space with the church and those Rwanda children. ... It's a memory of a lifetime for them. The tables are so beautifully dressed and I wish I could have attended...WHAT FUN !!!!... Hugs


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