Saturday, November 9, 2019


For a long time I have wanted to visit
the London Tea Room in St. Louis.

When my friend Janice's November birthday
arrived, I wanted her to get to go to an 
Afternoon Tea.  Here's the birthday girl:

We found the London tea room to
be in a charming old building in St. Louis.

  With an Afternoon Tea Tray you eat
 from the bottom up so first there
were 3 savories. Lower plate: a chicken 
salad croissant, cucumber sandwich and
 salmon sandwich.  The scones with clotted
 cream and strawberry jam from England
 were on the middle plate and the top held
 4 desserts:
chocolate mousse cup, treacle tart, 
a macaroon and an orange madeleine.

I have given Afternoon Teas myself so I
 appreciate all the work that goes into this 
variety of finger foods.  I was dressed a
bit silly and fun for the occasion.

We were seated in a large lovely room
in the back and the front is reserved for
walk-ins who order pastries, tea and
there is a gift shop area.

I hope you will take time to check your
area and see if someone serves Afternoon 
Tea.  Yes, at first you might think it is
 more expensive but when you understand
 how special and unique the experience is - 
it can't be compared to lunch in a restaurant.
 (do I get an Amen from the tea room owners?)


  1. How lovely! I enjoy afternoon tea, it’s such a treat!

  2. How Lovely....I hope to eek out a location for a holiday trip---IF my knee begins to cooperate before the holidays. I would love to take my BF and the Grand and my DinLaws! What fun it would be to take a breath and step back in time for just a bit!.

  3. What a special treat this was for your friend's birthday! How fun of you to take her there.

    We used to have a tearoom here in town (Boise), and my daughter and I enjoyed afternoon tea on a few occasions. Sadly, that shop shut down, and now, I am not aware of any others.

    One of my last visits with my mother-in-law (she passed away last year), we visited a tearoom in Mount Dora, Florida. We enjoyed afternoon tea there.

    Patti @ This Beautiful Life

  4. I'm sold Afternoon Tea is my favorite now.
    I am so spoiled by you because you are so thoughtful of me getting older and you knew I needed a special treat in my old age LOL
    It was a lovely day indeed


  5. Lovely Tea!
    My hubby told me not to use a code that was emailed to me from supposedly FaceBook. It'll get ya.
    Hope it gets worked out for you,

  6. What a special treat. Afternoon tea in a tea room is the perfect way to spend a birthday. Janice is fortunate to have a friend like you.

    You look great! Love your knitted cloche hat = good style for the delicate and pretty features of your sweet face.


  7. So much more special than a restaurant lunch indeed! It takes so much effort to put together all the courses for a real tea, but I have found that most of our friends have never been so pampered! It really makes a memorable day for someone new to tea. Enjoyed the post.

  8. Thank you for letting me see the Tea Room in St. Louis. I enjoyed
    the trip! It looks cozy and fun. so glad you 2 made it there.

  9. Actually I thought your outfit was just perfect for an English afternoon tea time. It looks like the perfect way to celebrate.

  10. What a lovely tearoom, Bernideen! And you looked adorable for the occasion! I always ask for an extra of the other sandwiches in place of the salmon. I've never liked salmon tea sandwiches. And I'd really rather have an extra scone in place of all the treats, though I believe I would indulge in that orange madeleine.

  11. That looks like a very nice tea room.

  12. What a lovely tearoom and what a wonderful birthday outing for Janice! I love the three tiers with everything in its right place too. I'm sure it was a splendid tea! Love the hat, Bernideen!

  13. What a lively time you ladies must’ve had! You both look beautiful!


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