Sunday, November 29, 2020



As you may know I haven't blogged much 

lately but I wanted to just start sharing a 

recipe here and there.  I have been participating

in intercessory prayer daily for America and 

the recent Presidential election.

Olde English Trifle made with English Devon Custard

In a glass bowl or compote layer the following:

  Split lady fingers turned sideways around the edge of the glass bowl or cubes of pound cake, fresh fruit of your choice or according to seasonal availability,  raspberry jam and Devon Custard (repeat layers again to the top)

At the top of the bowl, pile on the lovely whipping cream (cool whip could work too) – maybe some of the fruit on the top!

*2 cups whipping cream – whip in ¼ cup of powdered sugar till stiff

 If you don’t have access to Devon Custard – vanilla pudding made up or lemon pie filling will work!!!

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