Tuesday, February 9, 2021



There are a great variety
of birds in Missouri.

I loved seeing a pair of Eastern
bluebirds today but they were
timid and didn't stick around
long enough to get a good photo
of them!

In the cycle of life, most people
finally have the time when they
 retire to watch the


Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos, thanks. Stay cozy. Virginia

Sonia said...

I just love watching birds this time of year! It's getting so cold I worry for them. We are going to be 4 degrees this weekend at night! I need more birdseed! Love your photos!

Hill Top Post said...

Even though we are not completely retired, we love watching the birds. I recognize these same birds here in Arkansas. They surely have been hungry lately!

Linda Baker said...

I love all your pictures. You're so fortunate to be able to feed the birds and enjoy them. With all the squirrels in my yard, I finally had to give up, but I do keep the bird baths filled!

Deanna Rabe said...

Beautiful birds! I love red, and the birds with red on them always are favorites. They look really wonderful in the snow, don't they? I am though, always amazed at how their amazing creator made such beauty in the variegated colors of the feathers of even the 'plain' birds!

Lynn said...

I love the winter birds, too. Trying to keep them fed is something else.
Looks like a lot of the same birds here in Northern Ohio. Good shots of
them that you were able to take.

cabbage queen said...

I'm in northeast Iowa and it's fun to see all the different kinds of birds we have during winter too.
And thank you for posting about the election. It's something we all need to see.

ellen b. said...

Wow! Beautiful captures of these great birds. What fun to see this great variety!

Tammy H said...

Thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures of God's amazing creations. We have some new birds this year and enjoy watching them come to eat. Funny that our birds and squirrels share the bird seed bowl without much squabbling. Love seeing the red birds as we don't get them here. Stay safe and blessed!

jeanniemc said...

How I love the pictures of the birds! And I miss the birds since I live in AZ now.. always enjoy your posts!