Wednesday, November 17, 2021


 Today was supposed to be a little warmer
and I had put some projects off in the
 garden counting on that last warm day.  Wrong!

 It is 58 degrees which isn't that cold so
 I did go out with my husband  to wrap the birdbaths better and plant a few bulbs. 
 I found some on sale at Menards and am anxious to see how many of the perennial ones come up next
 year too.  With the recent increases
 in cost of living we aren't spending
 much on bulbs this year.
The leaves are almost off the trees.

This maple is in our neighbors yard:

We don't have window treatments in
our living areas because we love to 
see our trees.  Of course, that comes
with a lot of raking though in the fall.

Our view of the yard below:

Several of the items we see
out our living room windows:

This year we enjoyed a cover over
this deck frame but now we
took it off for the winter:

All the birds baths and statuary are
ready for the cold.

What have you done to get ready
for the coming season?


Hill Top Post said...

I love this post so much. I am reminded of Joanna Reed's amazing gardens. I know you are a reader of Victoria Magazine, so if you happen to have old issues she was featured in a three part series back in 1990. She loved her winter garden almost as much as she did in the other seasons.

Tammy H said...

The fall colors are gorgeous and I love your views from the livingroom. Splendid!

Lynn said...

That maple is just glorious in color. And your rose is blooming quiet prolific. I have been raking and raking the leaves. They are almost finished dropping except for the oak. I have cut back the iris for the winter and the annuals were cleaned up by the end of Oct. There is beauty in winter however I am a warm weather person. Long time until bulbs bloom. Thank you for the lovely photos to enjoy.

Vee said...

Some leaf blowing, but mostly I'm counting on help from my son and grandsons.

Your trees look so beautiful. I especially like that vivid red one, just gorgeous! Hope that you'll have plenty of time to finish up any last minute things before winter gets any closer

joyh82 said...

Your yard and house are so beautiful. I love the white fence and arbor. I am just getting back into blogging after being gone for awhile. Popped in from another blog.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

You have some wonderful garden views. I would just love the bird watching. I like seeing a carpet of fallen leaves and it's good for the wildlife. The wind does a good job of gathering them into piles.😊 Happy Thanksiving!