Friday, April 22, 2022


Oh what a lovely day we had today
and quite shocking as it was 80 degrees.

Even though it was windy, I was
 determined to set up a little tea time.

You can find the recipe for the Lemon
Muffins right here.  I found these
in my freezer from before when I
baked a large quantity.  That's
what I love about freezing things.

We are elated that spring has
finally arrived and the bulbs
are so enjoyable.

Actually I didn't plant many bulbs
last year so I was happy to see these
return from the past.

The birds that go south in the winter
have returned here behind our house.
That means the naughty Grackles are here.
There they are waiting for me to move
out of the garden.

Certainly not my
favorite bird!

I hope to share many more tea times 
with you this spring and summer!


Lynn and Precious said...

I would say it must have been windy, as I see the table cloth looking a
bit sideways, lol. What a lovely tea and warm enough to be outside for
a while. I do wonder, have your neighbors dropped by for a cup of tea
as they see you setting up this tasty table?

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

It’s always so lovely to visit your garden teas, Bernideen. I’m a big fan of the freezer, too! Happy weekend to you.

Vee said...

Oh how nice! Grackles are no one's favorite. At least, they were waiting without swooping. Wonder if I have anything good in my freezer...

Nope! But I did remove some frozen porkchops for Sunday dinner. Things are looking up.

Tammy H said...

What a great way to enjoy your lovely garden with a little tea time. Gorgeous!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I always look forward to your garden teas, your tables are set to perfection, accompanied by the sweetest of whimsical characters.
Those lemon muffins sound absolutely delicious !

Carolyn said...

Hi Bernideen,
So nice to see you having tea in your lovely garden again! I am looking forward to those days here too, soon I hope.You must enjoy the longer garden season you have now.
Enjoy the beauty!

Judy from Sato said...

Such a pretty tea pot ! I love your garden ! Thanks for sharing ! :)