Saturday, April 2, 2022


 It's so exciting seeing several days
of rain turn the lawn green and
the bulbs pop out of the ground.

I set up a little tea today right by
the window.  Yesterday I made some
Lemon Crumb Muffins (click for recipe)
so please enjoy!  It is 60 degrees and
 breezy today.

This winter I have watched ever so many
garden videos and of course, I love the
ones where footage is taken at some
lovely garden in England.  But it is time
to spend some time in my own garden.
Things are just starting to pop....

I have gone out 3 times to hoe out the ground
cover weeds which seem to explode in the
spring.  Of course, if the ground is rather
 wet, too much dirt gets wasted when 
the weed comes up.  Right now the
chickweed, dead nettle and Veronica
seem to be in a explosion mode.

Does your garden have a theme?  This
is something you might consider doing.
Everyone loves the "Secret Garden" as
a theme.  Back in 2009 in Colorado,
 I started calling my small flower garden
 a "Beatrix Potter" garden and I will be
sticking with that since we invested in
past years in some quality garden
 statuary.  Most of mine are still under
heavy plastic bags but soon that can
be removed.

Have the birds returned to your garden
yet?  And what about those unwanted
ones?  Yes, the Grackles are here again
and I am glad to see my bird feeders close
up under their weigh and they give up 

Well,  I wish you great success
 this year in your garden.


Lynn said...

How cheerful your photos are today. And I do see your tulips and hyacinths are coming on sooner than here. I have one perennial bed and I have made it all in pink only flowers. I do have a very long row of grape hyacinths for Spring color, however they bloom without leaves as the deer munch them to the ground. I have to spray the buds and flowers with egg yolk and water to stop them from eating this deer resistant plant. My annual bed is pink zinnias and yellow marigolds for the butterflies and bees. I really would enjoy an English Cottage garden, though.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Simply beautiful.
Your Beatrix Potter garden is such a pleasure to see, with all of its whimsy and charm.
Spring weeds are popping up everywhere, lots of work to do, but ooh how it pays off in those beautiful blooms.
Your Lemon muffins sound delicious.
Happy Spring !

Vee said...

Your garden sounds wonderful. I can definitely see the greening. My wee garden is known as the front garden...not terribly imaginative.

Louca por porcelana said...

Adorable tea time and stunning tea set. Gorgeous garden too. Hugs and blessings.

Deanna Rabe said...

My main theme is an English cottage garden. I like to have flowers to cut and use in arrangements in the house, and to enjoy the small walkway between the beds. I like your theme, and remember some of your statuary.