Thursday, October 13, 2022

AN AUTUMN TEA TIME for "Tea In The Garden"

 This week we are having amazing weather.
I love when the daytime temperature drops 
to the 80's and even 70's here.  Last week
 we had cold nights so I expected the
 hummingbirds to leave and they did 
but later I saw one at the feeder. 
 Now they
are all gone.

What a beautiful day we had today.  The 
squirrels were so busy dropping 
thousands of acorns and also walnuts
although this year the acorns are
20 to 1.  

I am sharing one of my quilts I pull
out in the fall and some brown
calico English wares.

Please enjoy one of these muffins
that I had put in the freezer.
They are delicious and the
recipe can be found right here:

This is the base of the oak that is
producing so many acorns.

Things are still green in our yard
but changing daily:

I gathered up a little of this
and that for a bouquet:

Last night it went down
to 39 degrees - burr......

We had a drought here this summer
in Central Missouri.  The corn is
being harvested now.  I was amazed
 on a recent trip to Kansas City.  The
harvest was happening everywhere
on both sides of the interstate.  Corn
and soybeans were in abundance.


Lynn said...

Don't be surprised of one of those friendly squirrels drops down out of the oak to have a bit of tea with you. We've had 3 nights of frost and our walnut, black cherry and maple are now bare. Your tea looks so inviting in the lovely sunlight.

Pamela M. Steiner said...

Such a lovely fall setting for your tea time. I love the quilt and the tea set it perfect for Autumn tea. Yes, the squirrels are busy gathering in their "harvest" for the winter. A little different here in the south, but they are still quite actively hiding the acorns. They are fun to watch as they scurry about. Amazing they know where to go back and find them later! Have a blessed and beautiful rest of your weekend.

Thelma said...

Pretty tablecloth/quilt and nice setup. Happy Autumn! Thelma.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Your garden teas and floral arrangements are always so outstanding, Bernideen. I love your quilt and your calico. I could join you with my brown calico teacup as you have the matching teapot. I have to use my Brown Betty! It’s still rather warm here in Texas, but I can enjoy my patio now which had been wonderful.