Friday, January 13, 2023


 I was wondering if there was any such
thing as an antique or vintage Valentine
 plate and sure enough I found one.  In
fact, the one I found is #8 in a series, 
marked "Adams" and made in England.

I have since, seen a few
others on Ebay or Etsy.
I decided one was
enough to make me
happy and yes, this
one is a little stained
 but I'm ok with that since it is just going to be a decoration.

I haven't gotten my other Valentine's Day
Decorations out but am thinking of doing
some crafting of Valentines.  How
about you?


Linda Baker said...

Morning Bernideen,
The plate is lovely. What a fun surprise to find something unexpected!
Blessings, Linda

Pamela M. Steiner said...

What a lovely plate for Valentines Day! I had never really thought about there being a special plate like that before, and it certainly is lovely! I haven't started my Valentine's Day decorations yet. Just getting totally over Christmas decor and enjoying a little break of normalcy between holidays. We've been quite busy this month and I really haven't had time to think about next month yet, but I'd better get a move on because my hubby's 75th birthday is in Feb. and I really need to plan a! Have a blessed and wonderful week.

Tammy H said...

I love vintage Valentines but have never seen a vintage Valentine plate before. It's so pretty! A very nice find. I have crafted valentines in previous years mainly for our daughters and my husband. Guess I need to get out my supplies soon since February is just around the corner. ❤️

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

Oh my goodness, Bernideen, the Valentine plate is so cute! I decorated today for Valentines Day.

Carissa (Regency Woman) said...

It's adorable! I love the design. I know it's the wrong era, but it gives me sort of Regency vibes, with the romantic proposal scene. I have a Valentine's Day crochet project that I'm working on this month. We'll see if I get it done. We don't really decorate for Valentine's Day, but I think my project would look cute in my room.