Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Welcome to an Angelic Christmas Tea! 

I needed my Old Country Roses China since you were coming for tea!  Tis the season for Old Country Roses!

The Dining Room table:


  1. Good afternoon my dear friend,
    What an exquisite tea you have shared with us today! The vintage angels are lovely and the food very appealing to the eye. Love your pretty Old Country Roses and the chintz set is beautiful as well. Would love to sit and sip a cup of tea with you; wouldn't that be lovely! As always, Bernideen, it's been a real pleasure to visit with you. Have a delightful day.


  2. Hello Bernideen,
    what a wonderful post. Thank you for using your Old Country Roses tea set. I love this pattern and have never seen before a chintz version. Looks great and the te strainer is just ingenious. Your angels are heavenly. Thank you for having me for tea.
    Greetings, Johanna

  3. What a wonderful tea and I agree, Old Country Roses is Christmas china! Love your angels -- they are adorable as well as the tea spout strainer -- I have an old one and they do come in handy! To catch those stray leaves!

  4. Everything is Oh so pretty! I love the little angel holding the candle. Deb=^..^=x5


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