Sunday, October 21, 2012


It's a beautiful fall day perfect for a drive and a few photos of some of the older homes located near downtown Colorado Springs - known as the Old North End.

THIS HOUSE BELOW is actually in Old Colorado City and was used for the filming of "The Incident" with Harry Morgan and Walter was my store building which was then Rogers Bar and Grill back in 1989.

I am always drawn to the little 
English Tudor Style houses: 

I love them all.


  1. I enjoyed the tour of the Old North End!

  2. I love the English Tudor style houses too. Lovely captures of the fall colors and the Halloween decorations. Thanks for sharing, have a great week ahead.

  3. Gorgeous homes you shared with us. Thank you for the tour. Have a happy week.

  4. I like tudor style homes too. I enjoyed my virtual walk with you this lovely fall day!

  5. Oh your pictures are so fabulous! I loved the town tour too. Last time we were in Colorado Springs in 2001 we went to Garden of the Gods, 7 Falls, Focus on the Family and a BBQ and show but no driving around the town! I love the English tudor style and have a 22 year old English tudor! Not quite vintage but at least it's cute!

  6. Beautiful photos of beautiful homes with so much character. Thanks for the tour!

  7. So picuturesque, Bernideen. Fall in Colorado is glorious and those sweet old houses are full of charm.
    Thanks for sharing, xo
    Ruthie from Lady B's

  8. Very nice to see the homes in your area! Just beautiful. I always think fall is a lovely time of year!

  9. I do love seeing those old buildings and houses. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a beautiful blog you have. I love all these old houses but I love the tea memes you do. I collect tea and coffeecups as well and I thought why not join one of these tea memes. Now I just saw there are many of those so I am going to look around and see how to fit in. I never did show my cups but I think it must be fun.
    Riet, from Holland.


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