Monday, October 15, 2012


I am trying to practice with my new camera but have so much to learn.  I was flipping through some old Victoria Magazines and as I pointed to a lovely page I told my husband "I want to learn to take pictures like these".  It suddenly occurred to me (head light bulb on) that the photographer probably had a $5,000.00 camera.

The mosaic is for Mosaic Monday


Michele said...

Not to mention they use a photo shop app and professional lighting!

But.....if you haven't checked it out yet, definately go to PicMonkey and play with editing - esp the highlight button, that's my favvie.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

I always enjoy your pictures, the Beatrix Potter garden makes me lovely.
Enjoy your new camera, it's all just a learning curve.

Margie in CA said...

You don't need a $5,000 camera. Your photos are always lovely.
Margie in CA

Cotton Peony said...

Just look at the color of your leaves... still mostly green here, yet there's a few popping up reds and golds. Soon it'll all be bright colors shooting about.

Great shots.

warm hugs,

Cotton Peony

Marilyn Miller said...

Isn't that funny, I had the same thoughts about taking pictures like Victoria Magazine too. Still we can try with our less than $5000 cameras, but then we are are own stylists too. Smiling! Have fun with the new camera.

Beth said...

Your garden looks really lovely, Bernideen, for this late in the season. I read your comment regarding your brother, and I am so sorry.
Hugs, Beth

Angela McRae said...

I'll bet you are talking about Toshi Otsuki's photos in the old Victorias, which I treasure. He was simply *brilliant* at capturing the light, from the soft light of a morning's dawn to a golden glow of firelight--I think he saw it in his mind's eye first, and I sure wish I had that eye!

betty-NZ said...

Such a colorful time of the year! Lovely photos.