Wednesday, July 12, 2017

STRAWBERRY PUFFS for "Tea In The Garden"

Welcome to my backyard garden....

Now that you've come this far - let's go back and 
start at the gate.  Please mind your steps as this
yard goes downhill to the back and from one
side to the other!

First we have the koi pond on the 
left and then the arbor ahead of us:

Someone might remember we pruned this 
peach tree last fall and it didn't have anything
left but bulky branches, 
but look at it now - 
just no peaches this year!

Let's go through (we say that all the time now
after watching Downton Abbey). 
 I have set up a table for us
 and I hope you like tea!

I baked us some Strawberry Puffs:

We have the presence of Japanese Beetles now
like nothing I've ever seen.  Thousands - no - must
be millions.  They are eating so much!  Not
hydrangeas though - that's good!

I can't begin to tell you how thrilling
it is to have flowers for bouquets but
next year will be so much better!

 which I made into Strawberry Puffs.

 For the filling I whipped 1 1/2 cup heavy
 whipping cream with 1/2 cup of confectioners
 sugar.  After it was thick I threw into
the mixing bow 1 1/2 cup chopped strawberries
and let them chop up and turn the filling pink.
This is what I put inside each puff after scooping
out the moist dough center.  My recipe made 17 medium size puffs.


  1. Oh my, those look delicious and your yard is so inviting. You have the magic touch!

  2. Oh, today is the first time I have happened to have a post that goes along with your link-up party - sweet! And oh, how I would have enjoyed having one of the strawberry cream puffs in your lovely garden. You have such a great touch with your styling!

  3. Dear Bernideen,
    What a scrumptious post! Your lovely garden, flowers, and strawberry puffs are all fabulous and such a delight to the eyes. I love your lacy umbrella draped over the tea table; so inviting! My post is not in the garden but it does have tea in it. Thanks for the invite and have a beautiful day.


  4. Another beautiful garden tea... on your blog today. :) The flowers are beautiful in their vase... and what a good idea for an umbrella covering over the table!

  5. Your backyard garden is coming right along! I was hoping to see fewer Japanese beetles this year, but so far they appear to be as bad as ever. My rose bushes and hydrangeas seem able to ignore them, but they have been awfully hard on my fruit trees. Love your folding outdoor furniture, and especially that teapot!

  6. WOW!!!I really love this "Tea in the Garden",it is stunning!Fabulous!Perfect with wonderful hydrangeas,gorgeous embroidery,an adorable garden and beautiful porcelain...made me smile!Thanks for hosting!Hugs,Maristella.

  7. It all looks so beautiful that it is hard to believe you are being plagued wtih Japanese beetles. Detestable things. I hesitate to mention this, but I am not. I treated my lawn and gardens with a product that a horticulturist shared with me and, while I have lots of bees and flies, no beetles with the exception of the dreaded lily beetles. Apparenlty, the Japanese beetles live in the ground and overwinter there. I am warned that they could fly in from elsewhere, but I was blessed in that my neighbor also treated his lawn.

    It was very pleasant time in your garden and at your tea...lovely in pink!

  8. What BEAUTIFUL pictures, Bernideen! Your garden is worthy of being featured in a magazine!

  9. Oh Bernideen,
    This is absolutely spectacular! Amazing post ~ I love your umbrella cover ! Your china looks so beautiful and your garden is like a park. Just perfect! Thank you for hosting Tea in the Garden! Love it all! Karen

  10. My dearest Bernideen it was such a lovely visit into your garden with such lovely things... tea was wonderful.. and the strawberry puffs amazing.. thank you with love Janice

  11. I'm smitten with your lace umbrella cover! Thank you for hosting and the tour of your charming garden!

  12. A beautiful garden -- pretty colors too. I love that lace umbrella - attention detail shows in every picture!

  13. Thank you for the tour of your beautiful garden, Bernideen! I just love that lace umbrella and would so enjoy sipping a cup of tea and having a strawberry cream puff. You and your hubby have worked so hard to make your yard a beautiful work of art, and how sad about the Japanese beetles that are invading it. Thanks so much for hosting, my friend.

  14. Bernideen, Strawberry Puffs sound scrumptious. The flowers on your table are terrific. I like the texture on the teapot. The set up in the garden is really lovely. Thanks for sharing and hosting. Have a great week. Sylvia D.

  15. Your garden is bsolutely charming. That white picket fence stole my heart.

  16. You have a beautiful garden, Bernideen. The hydrangeas are gorgeous and those strawberry puffs look delish! Thanks for hosting....Christine

  17. Your garden and tea time is getting more beautiful all the time. Wishing I could sit here and sip tea with you.

  18. Dear Bernideen, your tea time for this week is so beautiful! Your yard, garden, tea table, and yummy cream puffs all look fabulous! I hope your neighbors appreciate all of this! I know I would be visiting you often! Thank you for hosting your party and have a good week!

  19. Your garden looks like it's been there for decades... your plantings are so lush and well planned.. just gorgeous!... I need to save this recipe.... God bless!!

  20. OH,, My!

    I do believe this is one of the most charming and lovely "Go Throughs" I've ever experienced, online or in real life. The grace of your garden, the pale elegance of the lacy parasol, the colours of the bouquet---your sweet fence doesn't shut out---it Invites IN. Even the reluctance of that bowing peach tree lends a promise to the garden, for the glowing globes of fruit to enhance future celebrations.

    Absolutely enchanting.


  21. Hello Bernideen! I hope retirement is treating you well today. I've shared my Nannas recipe for Petit Fours. Something everyone thinks is terribly difficult, but really, isn't. Waving from Australia. Mimi xxx

  22. So dreamy pictures, and the strawberry puffs sound delicious!

  23. Hi Bernideen...great minds think alike! I posted Strawberry Scones that was supposed to be posted last week, but didn't because of the allergy probs. LOVE strawberry season. Your puffs look lovely and I love every part of your wonderfu garden tea setting! I do love Hydrangeas! All of your hard work is certainly paying off!

  24. Your yard and garden are so lovely. You are lucky that you can enjoy your tea outside. It's way too hot here to even think about it! The strawberry puffs look delicious. I love strawberry anything. Happy Tea Day!

  25. Your bouquets are wonderful! Wish I had the cream puffs! Pretty hot in Missouri when we went through. Hope you're having a sweet summer! Thanks for your nice comment on my little brown town!

  26. Bernideen, it's been *some* week! I'm only just now getting around to visiting this tea party, after the new one has been posted! I'll visit it tomorrow and link my latest post (a tea giveaway!) and another shot of my newest teapot.


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