Wednesday, April 10, 2019


Last week two friends and I were
invited over to Fulton, Missouri
for a lovely luncheon at the home
of our friend, Karen.

It was a rainy day but we didn't
let that dampen our
spirits and we always
enjoy Karen's hospitality.

Her property had many areas
where the daffodils were beginning
to bloom and there is a winding road
that is so charming!

Her home reminds me 
of a Bed and Breakfast.

We knew there would be something
 yummy to eat inside as Karen is an 
excellent cook and baker!  I "met" Karen
when I was still in Colorado through the 
Facebook Tasha Tudor group
called "Take Joy".

The first room you enter at her

home is the sun room and she has
lovely plants.  She is quite the gardener
and has a vegetable garden too. 

Karen also has a greenhouse where
she puts many of her special
and unique outdoor plants
during the winter.

Behind the sun room is a wonderful
library stocked with gardening books,  
Missouri history,  Tasha Tudor,  Beatrix Potter
and anything else that might strike Karen's fancy!

I love the Victorian eggs she
collects.  Our friend Gina has
a lot of these too:

Karen has lovely antiques and
collections of all sorts.  We always
enjoy looking at all her teasets and
she has many English pieces.

We all arrived hungry so the
smell of food drew us right into
 her kitchen where the table
was all set.

We started with iced tea and
later enjoyed many cups of hot tea 
with a delicious

Janice is on the left and Gina on the right
as Karen tells us all about her apron.

Gina and here I am - Bernideen:

And friend Janice with Gina:

Here is Karen in her
delightful kitchen:

 Karen has many unique primitive
pieces of furniture.  Just outside
there is a lovely deck with breathtaking
views of Karen's gardens.

This is a view I love and typical
of all the special brick patios, and 
areas around Karen's home. There
are often deer on the property and
they came along while we were there.

There were so many
signs of spring yet to come!

These are just a few photos I took which
really don't do justice to this warm and
charming home.


  1. What a lovely time spent with friends!

  2. Your friend's home is large and well designed, it looks like it was built just for her with all the special touches. That looks like a fun visit.

  3. Oh Bernideen, your photos turned out great of Karen's beautiful house and gardens!! You should be a magazine photographer, you really have an eye for a good shot! :) It was such a fun day with you ladies! xoxo

  4. Dear Bernideen...
    How lovely to have teatime friends to visit.... It really is special to meet like-minded people whom you can share hobbies and lifetime pleasure with ...This was a love post and I felt like I was there ...What a lovely setting for wildlife...Karen’s kitchen is so awesome. I did marvel at all the primitive and antique baking sheets on her cupboards. She has such an inviting home. It's so wonderful to see that Spring is popping up. Your pictures are fabulous.... Big Hugs

  5. Oh a splendid home filled with lovely and meaningful things. I am particularly impressed with the carport. What a blessing to be welcomed so graciously.

  6. How lovely to spend time with friends at Karen's! She has a delightful property. I could sit out there and just dream. Love her library too.

    The flowers in your previous post are gorgeous! We are just getting rid of the snow. I can't wait till it all comes alive again. I'm anxious to get some flowers planted. Thanks for sharing.

  7. It was another day with all you friends that went by way to fast. I could stay and visit with Karen 24 hours just to admire her lovely house and surroundings.

    Your pictures capture the day perfect. I like the picture of the cat sitting and looking where the deer went across the lower back yard

  8. That is a lovely home. It seems that your friend Karen, has an eye for beauty in all areas of life. What a delightful luncheon that must have been.

  9. What a lovely home and the tea time looked very special.

  10. What a lovely home---and tea party. But, my breath caught when I saw all those vintage iron muffin pans. OMG, I didn't know they came in so many variations. I wish I had room for a collection like this. Looks like Spring is dragging her feet in your neck of the woods, also.

  11. Great Tea time with friends in a wonderful home!Hugs!

  12. Bernideen, what a sweet occasion and your photos are excellent! I especially like the shot with the stone wall next to the brick patio. And I spotted a red tabby in one!

  13. What a lovely home and gardens! Her home does look like a bed and breakfast and her table was so pretty. Nothing better than tea with friends! Hope you are enjoying spring flowers!


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