Sunday, April 14, 2019


I enjoy mixing decorations for each
season in with my teasets in the
armoire in my kitchen.  It brings
joy to my heart and I enjoy the
transition that seasonal items bring.

There are so many things we associate
with springtime.  Violets and pansies are
certainly on the list.

I love the old vintage tins:

I hope your springtime is lovely.
It was snowing here this morning
and tonight will be cold but it appears
as though it didn't do damage.  We
have daffodils and tulips blooming
and forget me nots, etc.


Sonia said...

Hi..thanks for updating me on your blog address. Funny I have visited your blog don't know why on my bloglist it's your old address. Anyway thanks for letting me know. I love your tea always have the prettiest spring displays! Have a Happy Easter!

Deanna Rabe - Creekside Cottage Blog said...

You have a lot of sweet things Bernideen! Your hutch looks wonderful!

Louca por porcelana said...

Absolutely adorable...Happy Easter!