Wednesday, March 25, 2020


I know you all have a story to tell and
since we have "time to our hands" I
thought I'd tell mine.  About a 
month ago I was bidding for several
things on ebay.  I am sure many 
of you have done that before.  Back in
December purchased 2 sets of antique
staffordshire dogs for my mantle - I 
wanted to go with white ones so
these arrived and are very old and
I love them.

If you are looking for the old staffordshire
dogs, they are reasonable right now from
England.  We have an unusual area next to
our kitchen called a Hearth Room and I
use it for my more formal furniture.  I don't
really have a dining room and our living room
area is more casual.

Now that we are retired we live in
a different way as it is just the two of us. 
 So one day earlier this year I saw a 
single white dog available and frankly
 really cheap on ebay. I thought I 
could add it in the middle.  Of particular 
interest to me was the fact that it was from an
 estate in the Lake District so that thrilled my
 little heart as I could imagine Beatrice Potter
 herself had been to visit the home where it 
came from. (not really)  I asked the couple
 how much the shipping to the US would be as
 they had not done that and naturally this can
 be expensive.  They said it was 10:00 PM
 at night there so I should not buy it but
 rather wait till the morning and they 
would post the shipping.

You are already guessing how this story is
going - right?  

Well, when I went to my computer in the
 morning - someone had purchased it of course
 and the selling couple apologized and said 
that had certainly never happened 
before - ha!

Now that was just my warm up story.

This happened the next day.  I had also
 been watching a certain historic type teapot 
which could never be used because of a
 large cracked piece in it.  The thing is
 though - it would make a great display
 piece.  It was very cheap too and no one
 was interested in it but me I thought and it
 was coming up for final auction the next
day in the afternoon.  I was ready
and excited but there was just one
little problem the next day.  I still don't
know why but my computer wouldn't let
me on online that day.  I tried all day
to no avail.  Someone got this teapot
really cheap: (ebay photos)

You can see the crack rendering the handle
useless to the right back.  But isn't this amazing
 with Queen Victoria in 1837 at her Coronation
 and in 1897 at her Diamond Jubilee! 
 Whoever has it -
I hope you love it!

  Here was the back:

So that's my FISH THAT GOT AWAY story......


  1. I have a bad habit of hemming and hawing over purchases. So I can totally relate to the ones that got away! Be well, Bernideen.

  2. Great stories...The teapot is really stunning.Love seeing it.Hugs!

  3. If that happens to me, I just tell myself something better is waiting down the road! Of course, can't imagine anything better than that lovely old teapot...

  4. Oh I have experience that before I think all us treasure hunters have, however you missed two fabulous historical pieces for sure.
    I'm sure you will find another teapot someday ? hopefully anyway

  5. I look at it, if it is meant to will. But, they were gorgeous pieces, but I bet something more interesting and more beautiful is waiting JUST FOR YOU, Bernideen! Grins!


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