Saturday, December 5, 2020

Christmas Comes for 2020

We love celebrating Christmas which is

the time we reflect on the birth of our Lord!

This week we took the time

 to get out our decorations.

I did the armoire in the kitchen 

over with cookbooks and

Christmas tea wares.

This is a hearth room with the tree

and fireplace:

I have shared my Nicol Sayre angels

here over the years......

Last year I 
found some real vintage and
Victorian short garland pieces on ebay 
for this tree.

I haven't made or purchased
anything new
this year as I
feel I have
plenty of decorations.

I am going to start baking soon and so look

forward to that.  We have been spending a 

great deal of time in prayer for America and

I sew tea cozies which I sell on Etsy so actually

I pray a lot as I sew.  These are some of my

personal tea cozies and an English teapot:

I have so many photos I will save some for

another day.  Here are two of my larger

Nicol Sayre favorites:



Linda Baker said...

Your decorations are beautiful and a joy to behold! I admire your steadfastness in praying for our country. Merry Christmas!
Blessings, Linda

ellen b. said...

Your home looks very festive and beautiful. We've been praying for our country, too.

Lynn and Precious said...

Your wonderful decorations certainly get me in the good mood for celebrating Christmas and Christ birth. They are simply lovely and tasteful. Thank you for sharing especially in these trying times. Yes, we must pray for our country to get on with the election results.

Louca por porcelana said...

Beautiful Christmas decoration!Hugs and blessings!