Thursday, December 31, 2020


 As 2020 comes to a close,  I want to thank everyone who purchased tea cozies from me this year of 2020!  I ended up selling 311 tea cozies over the year.

We have enjoyed our Christmas

 decorations even if no one else saw them!

Over 50 people have died  from Covid

 in our county so we only go to the market.

  The first person who died had

 been to China to visit relatives.  

Yesterday I  reorganized my sewing room. I get those free throw away boxes at Sams Club.  They are the ones that are like  narrow trays.  I make large readable labels which I tape on the fronts and sides of the boxes for various fabrics and organize all the different fabric themes for future tea cozies.   Yes, it isn't pretty but it makes all the difference in finding  what you are looking for: 

I love my sewing room which will never be one of those darling shabby chic perfectly appointed "where I create" rooms. 
I have seen some on blogs that are amazing. No, this is a very functional room I walk away from when the work is done. It also provides a backstock area for my ever revolving  seasonal teasets.

I also have recently used my sewing room as a Warrior Prayer Room.  As I sew, I have been praying about all the illegal and fraudulent votes cast in our recent election. There is so much evidence of all the illegal voting.  There were many votes from dead people, illegals, duplicates, mass printed ballots and in some states the rules were changed illegally without proper legislative process. The videos were absolutely appalling of the women in Georgia, pulling out suitcases full of fraudulent ballots from under covered tables late at night.  We believe every legal vote should count and every illegal vote should not.

On the night of December 1st we participated in an organized and orchestrated prayer time that started on the East Coast and moved across all the states with believers praying moving west across America clear to Hawaii and Alaska.  At 3:00am  Eastern Standard time in the early hours of December 2 we joined others online with a group who gathered by live video in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  It was an incredible experience that was thrilling to participate in. 

 Under the encouragement and direction of the prophets, we have spent over 55 days now joining with several hundred thousand Americans in daily intense prayer intercession.  

 I believe Father has heard the people

cry out and will answer our prayers.

A great victory is ahead for America.

God answers prayer!