Monday, April 5, 2021


 I am so excited to feel some warm air.
Maybe I am just getting older but both 
my husband and I were cold a lot this
winter.  We turned our gas fireplace on
almost every night and drank a boat 
load of hot tea and coffee.

So finally - the daffodils are here
and don't we love them so:

The tulips are coming behind
the daffodils trying to catch up!

What thrills my heart is that I can
now have a bouquet by my front door
again and know there will always
be a stash of flowers to use!
(at least until winter again)

We are so 
happy to see
 flowers again.

I am happy to see some tulips
from the past coming up
as I always wonder how many of
those will return.

I am in photo overload here

I always love the forget
me nots now as soon
with the Missouri heat
they burn up.

Yesterday we celebrated Easter and
for us that means the resurrection of
Jesus and the gift of eternal life.
Many were baptized at the church
where we fellowship as a sign that they
will follow
the Lord.

Recently the grackles have returned to
the wooded area behind our house.  We
love watching the birds but these grackles
are not welcomed here.  Now the bluebirds,
that's another story and we have
had so many visit lately and I see them
in the woods behind our house.

The "Big Ups" tulips aren't blooming 
yet (from Color Blends) which is nice
because that way the bulbs don't all 
come at the same time.

If spring isn't at your house soon it
better hurry up and get there quick!   


  1. This is spring at its best! Wow, how I love your gardens!

  2. Things are blooming beautifully at your place. Our daffodils are trying to open. How wonderful to have baptisms on Easter Sunday!

  3. Easter is such a joyous day in our life. Wonderful to have it celebrated
    this year with so many flowers blooming and good weather. Love seeing
    all your photos of vivid color blossoms. The forget-me-nots are so delicate.

  4. Your yard is looking so lovely, as always, Bernideen! I hope you and your hubby had a Blessed Easter.

  5. Wonderful! We have daffodils and crocus in bloom, trees are blooming and so is the forsythia. It’s delightful. Every spring I say I’m going to add more spring blooming things ( trees, plants, shrubs) to our property and I’m doing it bit by bit, but I want a big impact! Grin.

  6. Welcome, Spring! Daffodils are blooming, sweet violets are open, and tulips will soon start to appear. I do believe winter is behind us! Love all your spring flowers.


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