Wednesday, April 14, 2021


 Hello dear friends and welcome to

my first "Tea In The Garden for

the 2021 season:

As you can see - we have lots of

pretty tulips and still some daffodils

to brighten up the garden.

I am also sharing our new arbor
which we purchased a while back
in St. Louis.  We got it from an
antique mall that has a booth that
sells those metal garden items.

I hope you would love some tea
as I have some lovely black tea today.
Please pour yourself a cup and
also enjoy an apple puff.  (recipe
here)  I have set our little table with some
spring type English tea wares.
I do adore my Royal Winton
tea set which was like the ones
Victoria Magazine sold year

I have been working in the garden
quite a bit and actually removed
quite a lot of coneflowers which
were coming up in too many places.
People take anything I put out for
free on the driveaway.  As I was
on my daily walk last night I looked
at yards and wondered who might
have planted something from our yard.

My husband painted the arbor green
first but then decided it didn't show
up well so he changed it to white. 
Next, he is repairing and moving the old
blue wooden one to go in front of the gate.

We have had lovely violets blooming
around front and now the forget me
nots.  Our weather is still cool with a
few warmer days.  It is wonderful to
once again enjoy a green lawn.

The next thing to bloom will be the alliums
and the irises and the lilac bushes.  In
the meantime - cooler weather is coming
our way again.  Some of you will be
getting snow and for us it will be some
rain again. 


  1. Your garden is looking so lovely, especially with your new arbor. How nice to share extra plants with neighbors. Id love to sit and share a cup of tea with you in your pretty yard, Bernideen!

  2. Your yard is so lovely... just bursting with gorgeous blooms. It's a delightful garden tour, especially since not much is blooming yet in my yard. Definitely ready for a cup of tea and an apple puff so I'll be trying your recipe soon. Thanks for sharing your beautiful tea time with us.

  3. Bernideen
    your yard is beautiful and needs to be shown in a popular magazine.
    Your new arbor is wonderful and fits right in with your yard.
    I want one of your apple puff, no I don't want to make some LOL
    I'm sure you will get Yard of the Month again this year

  4. Your new arbor is beautiful. I don't think I would have been able to see it when it was green because your yard is so lush and beautiful.

  5. Oh how lovely the colors are. You have your work cut out for all the
    garden space. I truly enjoy the tour. The new arbor is fanciful and
    does look good with the white paint. Otherwise it might fade into the
    shadows. Thank you for the tea party.

  6. Hi Bernideen! Your new arbor just completes your garden doesn't it? Everything is looking wonderful. Your tea service is so pretty too. We are having a variable spring too. It will get cold over the weekend. But our grass is green too and does so much to cheer things up! I'm glad you like all my doodads. I couldn't live without them. :o)

  7. Your yard looks fabulous! Cant wait for more photos. V

  8. Bernideen I'm in love with your arbor! So pretty in white with the fence and all those bulbs blooming! What a gorgeous garden you have created since you moved! So Springy...the bouquet is perfect for a Spring tea table!!

  9. Thanks for inviting me to your tea! Violets and daffodils here with plum blossoms about to get frosted out by snow flurries. Love the trellis!

  10. I love my Royal Winton Chintz tea pot, plates and accessories which I bought from Victoria in '95. I have since added to it, with a breakfast set, and other chintz pattern plates to accompany it.

  11. Love your new arbor!! Yes, white would show best. Everything looks lovely-one of my favorite china patterns. I remember pouring over the Victoria magazine when they advertised it. Couldn't afford any then but now have dinner plates, cake plates and creamer and sugar. Have lots of other Chintz and they look so happy together.


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