Saturday, May 15, 2021


Do you have any new garden
additions this year?  I have found
some of my bulbs multiplied so much
that I moved them on a rainy day.

This week we have had cooler weather
and now today rain.  Yesterday, we spent the whole day getting ready for a garage sale
but today it rained so we are waiting
another week.

We have a new
resident bunny
in the back yard.

I love to look at YouTube videos about
English Garden style.  Have you noticed
that some people love the style where
lots of plants grow together and it is rather
wild. Others like "cluster" gardening
where you just have one type of flower
in a group together.

 I think I prefer somewhere in between
 the two.  Last year toward the end 
of summer our garden grew together more
than I like so and in the fall I removed a lot
 of plants and just put them out on the drive.
  Over a period of a few days people
 just took them away which was nice.
I had too many irises in the same color 
so I decided to thin them out.  I frankly
think that everyone will be doing this once 
garden grows. 

We all have our favorite plants and I
seem to adore foxgloves.  I have been
learning to watch for and move the "babies" that come up at the base of the mother plant.
Usually by the end of summer there are 
some babies than can be planted in
good soil for spring.

I also love Sweet William and have grown 
it from seed and moved it around the yard.

 I have moved a lot of plants this spring
 while it is still cool. Some of them are ones that have come up right next to
and inside another plant at the base.
 I have already shared four small boxes
 of coneflowers this spring and removed
some irises.  They disappeared from the
drive in no time.  I just purchased two
more types of irises as I had too many
of the same 3 colors.

We all sure have
our passions and opinions about
gardening! What type of garden
do you have?


Lynn said...

I love seeing your garden flowers. It is generous and the right thing to do
to give away extra instead of throwing them in the trash. I was able to do
that years ago from another yard and I was working. So many co-workers loved
having new and different plants and for free. Now my garden is small and
limited on kind as there truly is a herd of 12 to 20 deer in my yard at any
given time. Most of my annuals are clustered in pots on the patio and even
then they have to be deer resistant! Thanks for sharing photos and plants.

Deanna Rabe said...

I love English Gardens and I tend to grow all kinds of flowers together! I mainly grow what I love and what I can cut to bring into the house!

Tammy H said...

We have a small English garden with mainly a variety of herbs along with flower bulbs. I enjoy how it's a bit wild. On the other hand, we have our iris planted in a cluster garden. So a little of both for us. Wish I could be there in person to see your yard but love meandering through it virtually.