Friday, May 21, 2021



I have been enjoying the replacement
birdbath we ordered from a garden
center in St. Louis.  We moved the old 
one and I am going to see if I can repair
it with some cement.  It never hurts to try.

My husband moved this birdhouse
 decoration (below left) to the top of 
a post for me yesterday.  Wood rots
in Missouri so the wood decoration
our son had give us had to be removed.
It was getting old.  We were able to
save some of it.


So we shall see how long the
foxgloves last.  Many are from
plants that I pulled off the Mommy
plant last year and replanted with
good dirt so I am so happy to see
them mature this year.  I am learning
to do that.  I did buy a few new ones
too and plan to keep an eye on them
for little baby plants at the base.

On Monday I have invited 3 ladies
for Afternoon Tea to celebrate 
Queen Victoria's birthday. 
 I shall be sharing
that with you next week.


Lynn said...

Lovely photos of your flowers. It is amazing how last week here, I had
blackberry winter and this week it is 85 in the afternoons. Crazy.
So I hope your flowers continue to keep up with the heat and bloom lots.

Sandi@ Rose Chintz Cottage said...

Bernideen, your garden is lovely! I love foxgloves although I've never had them. I really like bird baths too. We got ours many years ago at a place that makes cement statuary and bird baths. The last number of years I've been putting baskets of petunias in it but I'm going to leave it for the birds this year. We live in a very windy spot and oftentimes the wind would blow the flowers out. Enjoy your long weekend and I look forward to your Victorian tea.

Anonymous said...

Just a lovely garden, thanks for sharing. V