Saturday, May 7, 2022

A WARM DAY FOR "Tea In The Garden"

 Hello dear blogging friends and
finally we have some warm weather
again to get out in the garden and do a little
tea time vignette.  You know how it is
when you have days of rain and then
more rain.

I have a real fondness for
old vintage quilts.

Today is really a beautiful day 
and the
 birds are all happy in our backyard. 
 I seem to always have a lot of purple
 flowers at this time of the year.

The sun now will really make a
difference.  I have heard others say
the same comment which is that our
spring is a little behind this year because
of cooler weather.

This is the gate on one side going
into the back yard.

Blogging just isn't as popular as it
used to be.  I think Twitter taught
people that journalism needed to
be in a hurry.

I love the unique shaped Columbines.  We
have an abundance of Chickadees at
our house.  I have to say I find that 
noise they make very annoying.  If
you have heard that you will know what
I mean.  Please enjoy one of my
brownies I made earlier and froze some
in a carton.

I always remember the late Tasha Tudor saying that she bragged about her forget 
me nots.  I  laughed when she said that
 on her video.  I can get carried away
sometimes too!

I hope you have enjoyed a visit
 to my garden today.

There is a "Sewing With Vintage Linens"
Category down on the right that shows
many things to do sewing with
vintage linens or just the covers here!

Wishing all the Mother's a 
Very Happy Mother's Day!


Louca por porcelana said...

Stunning garden and gorgeous tea set. Have a lovely week ahead!

Lynn said...

Well I love your blog because of all the pictures you post of such beautiful flowers in your tea in the garden. I don't do Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, I don't even look at them. But I do look at quite a few blogs that I would miss if and when they decide to stop posting. One of my neighbors has some forget-me-nots and they just started blooming one day last week. It is been so cold up here and then we get one pleasant day and then it turns cold again. But I think that's changed this week and I hope it stays. Once again I love your flowers.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

I always love seeing your beautiful garden and pretty tea table, Bernideen. I loved seeing the chickadees in my yard, but they must’ve flown north to you now!