Tuesday, May 24, 2022



Today marks what would have been
the 203rd birthday celebration of Queen Victoria.  1819-1901

I decided to have a little celebration
in my garden which I hope you will
enjoy.  Queen Victoria and Prince 
Albert have been my favorites in the
long line of English Royalty.  Queen
Elizabeth has now far exceeded the
years Queen Victoria served.

Today I am using my Queen Victoria tea
cozy with the Queen on the front and Prince 
Albert on the back along with 2 of my
commemorative 6oth anniversary cups
and saucers.  We are set up out back
in front of the arbor.

I have set us up a little tea table where
we can enjoy the views of the garden
today and the lovely weather. Much to
our surprise we are having much 
cooler weather in the 60's now after
 last week when we had 3 days in the 90's.

You probably watched the PBS series "Victoria".  We have watched it several
times and I have the music CD and
really enjoy the theme song.  What a
different day that was during her reign.

Actually I have several different DVD's
about the life of queen Victoria and
enjoy them all.

I was impressed with the 
accomplishment of Prince Albert
with his oversight in the building of
the Great Exhibition Glass building.
It was however, so sad that he died
so young and left Victoria so early.

 I made these napkins

This summer might be a fun time to rewatch
the Victoria series.  Since I have several
versions I can tell you the most charming
Lord Melbourne is definitely the newer PBS version.


Vee said...

A lovely tea to honor Queen Victoria. I appreciated the lineage link, too.

kitty@ Kitty's Kozy Kitchen said...

What a beautiful tea in the garden you’ve displayed in honor of Queen Victoria. Your arbor looks fabulous!

Carolyn said...

I enjoyed your lovely tribute to Queen Victoria very much.
I always love seeing your beautiful china and tablescapes...
especially in the garden.
Too bad you live so far away we could use your expertise
for our Anne of Green Gables tea!

Johanna Gehrlein said...

Dear Bernideen,
you own a remarkable collection of English tea cups and accessoires. And the Tea Cozy and Tablecloth are perfect matching. This tea time is really Royal.
Kind regards, Johanna