Thursday, August 11, 2022


 Today we decided to ride up to the Amish
Country and see what produce was
available and also just enjoy a ride.
We conserve driving right now with
the price of gas but it really wasn't
all that far. 

 See the lovely cockcomb
in this ladies garden.  I remember back
in 90's when Martha Stewart got us all
gluing cockscomb onto cones for those
Christmas mantel pieces.

My photos were taken 
from inside my
car some are a bit dull.

We had trouble remembering where we
had been before and the roads were
very dusty from lack or rain.

I imagine everyone having similar conversations as 
they ride along. 
 Like, "oh maybe we should move out
 on a farm and grow our own food" or
something like "think how much money
we would save if we did this".  Haha!

All the houses are large and plain
with white siding.

I wanted to find one particular place
where they had a lot of canning items
with preserves and pickles.

There were a lot of greenhouses
with tomatoes inside.

The auction house is where a lot
of local small vegetable stands
go to buy their produce to resell.

I could quickly see that lumber is
a very important part of their lives.

So here was my stash 
at home 
on the kitchen table. (they reuse
old jars)

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Lynn said...

Great photos of Amish farms. And delicious food you came home with. I live in the fast growing Amish county in Ohio right now. And the state is home to the largest number of Amish in the country. The women grow such beautiful flower beds in front of their homes. Just huge.