Tuesday, June 27, 2023


 This year the hollyhocks in one
area are peach colored.  I have
numerous color combinations and
they all are blooming quickly. 

Our mail lady gave us a couple of
big zucchinis so I made some
Cream Cheese Walnut Zucchini
Bars which are always enjoyed.

I love this sweet butterfly quilt.

We have been experiencing hot
weather and no rain.  Our front 
lawn is fried (south) but I plan to
water in the back as the new grass
will not survive without rain or
at least watering.  How is your

There are 2 large bunnies that hang out in our 
back yard.  I was never one to put
chicken wire over things in the garden
but I have this year in several places.


  1. I love hollyhocks! I just got a foxglove and delphinium. I am attempting to make a little cottage style garden off of the patio. Being it's first year it still isn't too photogenic, but maybe next year. Yours is always lovely!!

  2. We are getting enough rain to keep grass and flowers just fine right now. But the Canadian smoke has settled down on us today and it is so smelly outside. It looks like fog, and high up is the white sun but it is not fog. My perennials have done well but the Japanese beetles are here now. And enough rain to keep the slugs up and all over even my marigolds.
    I enjoy seeing the dogs came outside for your lovely tea. and what beautiful holly hocks again.

  3. Beautiful vignettes. Your garden is adorable. Hugs and blessings.

  4. Gorgeous hollyhocks and such lovely colors! I don't have any this year so really enjoyed yours. Your recipe is tempting me to bake if I get a cooler temperature day. Thank you for sharing your lovely tea garden.


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