Tuesday, May 17, 2016


There is a sweet little robin couple with a nest of babies
just outside our front door in that Japanese Red Maple:

For Mother's Day, my son gave me some
huge rocks for the garden so I am sharing rocks today.  Well, actually just this one as I am trying not to show you the huge mess piled up at the right from where we trimmed the Pussy willow.  It is a rainy day so we aren't cleaning it up just yet.

The nest is right there hidden pretty well:

I have spent many hours working in the yard.  Most of my motivation has been due to my prior knowledge about the very hot summer that is coming. The fact is that I will not be acclimated to the heat yet. I was here once in the summer and it was in the high 90's with about 100% humidity and I remember thinking "how do people do this"?

 Mr and Mrs Robin weren't very happy about my presence:

I saw 3 little heads pop up:

One of the things I wanted in a retirement house was a big front porch - 
I guess I will wait till heaven for that one. 
This is our entrance area.

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Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

WOW- the robin in the tree pic is magazine worthy - what a clear snap!

isn't it FUN to find birds and birds nests on your property?

I only have a tiny front "porch" enough for two to stand out of the rain when waiting for me to open the door, so I too would adore a nice porch. My BACK yard is where my dream porch will go though - there's lots of room back there to build if I could just find the extra money....lol.

Anonymous said...

Ha! There are a lot of things I'm waiting till I get to heaven for. Sweet robin!

Vee said...

Excellent picture of the robin! Nice to have pleasant neighbors...hope that they don't start to dive bomb. I had to move a birdhouse that I had waited too long to do. The little wrens were not having my being on my own deck or trying to care for my flowers. I know that they had no babies as I had watched them bringing in the lumber for their nest. Ha! Maybe this summer won't be quite as humid as others giving you more time to acclimate. I don't do humidity well either.

Thelma said...

Your garden is beautiful. It is nice to have a family of robins in that gorgeous maple tree. Have a nice week.

Martha said...

How fortunate to have a robin nest right outside your house! It may be a small "porch" but it is a porch! And yes, you're right it will be HOT and it will be HUMID!

Beth said...

Love your home and garden! Your rock is cool. Rocks add a lot to a garden; we like them too. It must be great fun designing a new garden, Bernideen! I love my garden but know I would do some things differently if I were to start afresh.
Speaking of pruning, you should see all the wood we pruned off our lilac yesterday! It was badly needed. We hadn't kept up with pruning our lilacs, and they had few blooms this year.
Looking forward to continuing to follow your blog and see more of your yard and garden. Enjoy!

Martha's Favorites said...

Your entry is lovely. You are so lucky to have that nest right out your front door. I love watching birds. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

Lady Linda said...

Hello dear friend...I haven't been blogging much lately. I guess I have been having too much fun. Your yard looks so wonderful, I haven't even started planting. It's been too hot or too wet when I have been home.

racheld said...

Being trusted with a sweet little nest of baby birds is a one of those blessing that kinda falls from the sky. And what a lovely, welcoming setting they've found to make their home!

I do love a rock garden---almost all of ours are getting that mossy, verdigris green that comes from be sequestered back in the shade. And they're all from a special place or trip or moment---quite a few, and I really need to make a little map and list so I don't forget their special meanings.

Hope you're having a wonderful MAY!


Debbie-Dabble Blog and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

The robin in the tree is so cute!!And your front porch looks lovely! I too always dreamed of a big front porch but that will be in my next lifetime because our ext move will be into a nice maintenance free apartment!!
Thanks so much for stopping by!!


Debbie - Mountain Mama said...

Your garden looks absolutely lovely!! And even though your entrance is not the huge porch you wanted, you have made it so very welcoming!

Art and Sand said...

I love the robin in the tree.

As we were walking today, we looked up at the tallest pine tree on the boulevard and standing at the top were 3 blue herons. We could see part of the nest and it was huge.

Thanks for sharing with SYC.

Anonymous said...

This is the second blogger this week that features a homemade strawberry pie. In a few weeks when the strawberries are in season in my area, I think I shall try making one. I like your yellow kitchen. My favorite color.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Bernideen, it is looking so lovely! Did the birds dive bomb you? lol! I have had that happen before. Last year every time I went out the front door a robin would dive bomb me. It went on for a while and then one day I noticed a wreath on top of my faux forsythia wreath. It was hanging on an old door in the corner. Later there were 4 eggs and I was so excited. By then mama had decided I was nice and quit bombing me. :) Sadly, something got to her eggs. She was so upset and I felt so bad for her. Love the photo of the robin in the tree! Thanks for sharing with SYC.