Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Here in Florence we always
eat at the Aspen Leaf Cafe!
There are numerous antique
shops and smaller malls on
this street.

On the way out of town toward Canon City there is a larger antique shop and also
 a sweet lady has a shop.

The next town is Canon City:

Many locals work at the prisons in Canon City.  There are 13 prisons and the Supermax Prison houses many infamous prisoners...the Unibomber, the Shoe Bomber along with many others scarey sorts.  Enough about that! 

  Here you can ride the train which follows the Arkansas River to the bottom of the Royal Gorge or you can drive to the Royal Gorge.  We have ridden the train several times and it is delightful.


  1. I love old towns like that, if only I was close by I would love to visit and eat at the tearoom. Wouldn't it be great to go on tour of those beautiful homes and see inside!
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Looks like a really lovely town and tea shop to visit! We've been to Canon City/Royal Gorge, but I guess we missed out on Florence. Next time.

  3. Looks like a couple great towns to visit! Love those old houses!

  4. I have never been to Colorado and this town certainly looks like a nifty place to see.

    Oh I do hope next time you can go to that lovely tea house - it's gorgeous from the outside!

    Have you taken tea there before then?

  5. Looks like a wonderful city for a visit. I love those old towns...we have a few here in Washngton, and in California and Oregon. The houses are wonderful. Bit steep on the tea, but maybe it's normal for that area!

  6. A beautiful, old town --- my favorite kind! And the tea room --- looks amazing!

  7. The HIGH TEA price really isn't that high - not to be confused with your "around" $25.00 Afternoon Tea price!
    Something people do for a special anniversary or Valentines Day!

  8. Oh- I just love towns like these. When we get to a new town I always drive around to look at the historical section and see the grandeur of days gone by- xo Diana

  9. How fun...thanks for sharing such beautiful pictures...I used to drag my parents to open houses of this kind all the time...I BEGGED my dad to buy an old beauty once...but he didn't want to pay the astronomical taxes for a house located in the part of town! (FROWN).

    I guess I never thought about where those high security prisons are...wondering if they're anywhere near you! Scary for sure!!


  10. So many places I've never seen...wish there was more time in a day:-D

  11. Hi bernideen,
    I love to see the old houses, they look so pretty. I have never heard before about a town with 13 prisons. Do they collect the guilty people from the whole country? To hear the laughter from the people in the tea room is a nice sign for good entertainment. Thank you for sharing this nice post.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  12. Now that would be a fun visit! And I love how blue-blue-blue the sky is ... maybe because we've had so many gray, rainy days here of late!

  13. Old towns, no matter where they are, always fascinate me. Thank goodness there are still some remnants of time past still left in this ever changing country of ours.

  14. thanks for taking us on this tour, beautiful homes!

  15. Sounds like an expensive tea but I would love to try a high tea some day. Love the home with the turret.


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