Friday, January 25, 2013


While out antiquing last weekend, I had to slap my hands - it was terrible - yes I saw some lovely cake plates at great prices!  I resisted !

I love my glass vintage and antique cake plates and will even buy one with a chip if I feel it is really unique or a great price
 and/or special.

Not counting seasonal cake plates, 
I have 11 glass ones that I just 
use constantly.

Cake plates can be found at yard sales, antique malls, flea markets, etc.  I was enamored years ago when I saw how Martha Stewart stacked them up for her parties!  How about you, do you have any?


  1. I love your cake plates, I never thought of stacking them,what a great idea!

  2. love all your glass cake stands, I only have two and like you I'll buy anything I love that's not completely perfect if I can get it at good price.

  3. Hello Bernideen
    I have 3 and will have to slap my own hand if it reaches for another. Yours are all so pretty and I've learned to enjoy the collections of others while keeping mine minimal.
    Thanks for hosting.

  4. Your cake plates are really pretty. I only have one; it came from my mother-in-law.

  5. Your cake plates are lovely, Bernideen! I especialy like the red one and the one with the apron. I have three footed glass cake plates but several without the stand. Thanks for hosting a lovely party and enjoy your weekend.


  6. Wonderful cake plates! Yes, I have cake plates - two for Christmas (I use one of them into January), a Lady Anne by Gorham, and one I couldn't pass up in an antique shop!:-) Then, one without a pedestal is designed by Susan Branch, a favorite of mine! It is made by Lenox.

    I'm not sure about the linking up process. I certainly do like your blog, though!

  7. Oh I love cake stands and have several, I haven't counted them, but are one of my fave things in the's my collection too. Thank you for hosting, I loved your post. Have a nice weekend.

  8. Bernideen, your collection of glass cake plates is wonderful. I have lots of cake plates, but only two of them are glass and both from my mom. One is small, perfect for a 6" cake and on a pedestal. The other is standard size, but rests on four small "feet". It's pink depression class. I often stack my cake plates. I'd love to add more of the vintage glass plates.

  9. Hi Bernideen! Your cake stands are so pretty and really make a beautiful vignette.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Such a great collection! I have one. I have been eyeing up some tin ones I saw at a store :) Thank you for linking this up to Rustic Restorations Weekend!

  11. Bernideen, I have a weakness for glass cake plates as well. You do have me beat girl! I have a few old clear ones. I have alot of seasonal ones. One of my friends knows how much I adore them and she has given me quite a few. Love your beautiful collection and how you displayed them.

  12. They are all so beautiful....You know I only had one blue one when I moved and someone lost my box...I have some flat clear ones but no pedestals. I love the stacking. Happy weekend with love Janice

  13. Your cake plates are gorgeous! Thanks so much for your kind comment on mixing bowl collection.

  14. Love cake plates of all shapes, sizes and colors - You have a beautiful collection. I do appreciate you hosting,

  15. I should have place the Tunnel of Lemon Bundt Cake on my grandmother's Depression glass cake stand for your post...maybe I can still slide it over and retake the photo:-)

  16. Yes, I have a few and just love each one. I know what you mean about adding more to the collection. Your collection is just beautiful. Tomorrow I am invited to a birthday brunch and though it is breakfast things we are to bring I can't resist bringing something sweet, chocolaty and displayed on a pedestal cake plate. Just because they are so pretty.

  17. A beautiful assortment of cake pedestals. I only have three. A clear glass one from my Mom, a white milk glass from a garage sale, and a green glass one I bought. I love your tablecloth, so sheer and delicate looking.

  18. Hi Bernideen,
    what a lovely collection of cake plates you have. Don't you love the way the light reflects through all the prisms underneath?
    Here in Cal. there hard to find at a good price "-(.

    xoxo Cori


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