Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I seem to be off to a start this year....breaking a saucer or I should say...chipping one.  It pays to have the "leaf" on the table secure. 

If you use your tea sets - you will break something sometime.  This is a fact of life.  I wear a lot of vintage jewelry.  Why keep it in the drawer when you can enjoy wearing it!  You will loose or break some if you wear it  - I have!

Let's talk about my tea table.  I purchased the lovely "fun" rose doily recently while antiquing in Denver.  I love this work of art made by some talented lady from time past.

In my future I see myself asking my husband to paint many of our pieces shabby chic white...such as this tea cart.

I did not bake this cheesecake but got it at the market.  Winter can be long and I am notorious for getting bored in the winter.  I think it seems like a great time to have a tea party and have some friends over.  

The name of this picture above on the wall
is "End of The Dinner Party":


  1. What a beautiful tea you've shared, Bernideen. I wonder if I should paint my tea wagon, too. Thanks for hosting!

  2. Hi Bernideen,
    your pink roses tea party is sweet like candy. I love the vibrant pink roses on the doilies as much as on the china. And the flower basket is marvellous. Thank you for sharing and hosting this great party.
    Best greetings, Johanna

  3. Your newly acquired rose embroidered and lace crochet doily looks beautiful on your tea cart with your rose china. The cheese cake looks yummy too!

  4. I love popping in. It always looks so welcoming here. I need to make a list of some tea things that I would like to find. One being a tea-cart. I would also love to find a bed tea-tray. Your cheese cake looks yummy. Deb

  5. Me again. I forgot to mention how much I love the 'End of the dinner party' print. It is gorgeous. Perhaps you could show it even closer. Deb

  6. Just lovely. I think the doily is especially gorgeous. My sweet grandma used to spend hours making them...I have been blessed to own one!! Everything looks so pretty and like you're ready for a tea party...a Valentine one maybe!

  7. Thanks, Bernideen. Pink roses, tea, and cheese cake......all yummy!

  8. Hello Bernideen... and thank you so much for visiting my blog this morning... your tea sets are just beautiful!... and I love your serving cart... just the way it is... xoxo Julie Marie

  9. Hello Bernideen,
    Your tea is so pretty and whether you baked that cheesecake or not, it looks scrumptious! The china is lovely and the print hanging on the wall is beautiful! Another delightful post for us to enjoy; thank you.


  10. How lovely Bernideen! Love the teacups and your tea cart! Buttons on cameras can be such a hazard!!! But these photos are lovely!

  11. Hi Bernideen,
    Your tea vignette looks fabulous! love your tea cart and beautiful china. I would love a piece of your cheesecake and tea. Looks delicious!
    Wishing you all the best in 2013!

  12. What a beautiful tea and setting, Bernideen. It is just beautiful. I have a tea cart just like that and I have been mulling whether to paint it or not. I am thinking I will. Your photos are gorgeous- xo Diana

  13. Wow..such dazzling photos...gorgeous tea set..your cups are exquisite!..and such beautiful dreamy images...I love that painting, stunning! What a lovely home..
    Thanks for hosting! happy tea Time!

  14. What beautiful teacups! Sorry that you chipped a saucer. You are right, when things gets used, little accidents do happen from time to time. But it's better than not using it at all. The cheesecake looks delicious!

  15. Everything looks soooo lovely, Bernideen. Those roses are magnificent and I truly love that old basket they are in.
    It's all beautiful!
    xo Ruthie

  16. Oh, oh, oh ... that may be one of the prettiest tea cart settings I have ever seen. You've given me LOADS of ideas here. THANK YOU! And that rose doily is amazing. I *could* make that, but would I? Prob'ly not, as that represents a heap of work. Bless you for rescuing it!

  17. You certainly have a rose theme throughout so many of your posts. Love them all.


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