Friday, January 26, 2024



This is the time of year that I keep busy.
The truth is that when I am not busy,
I am bored.  I am looking for 
inspiration for my coming garden
 season or making something delicious
in the kitchen (this gets me in
 trouble here).
I spend time looking at new 
decorating ideas or making something.

I have been working
 on a Valentine

Last year I found the middle plate but
recently I found 6 more of these
vintage Adams ENGLISH plates:

Each one has a different
couple.  Last year I found this
lovely lace old Quaker
tablecloth with cupids
and Colonial couples.

I made this tea cozy a while
back with vintage laces
and crochet:

Lady Madeleine and Lord
Chumley are ready
for tea:

I will use these vintage
napkins for our meal (I 
will replace the fancy
ones for actual use):

Do you love setting up a
pretty table for dining?


  1. Such lovely table settings! I love the old English romantic couples designs. And the cupids/etc. on the lace tablecloth are so sweet. I've never seen one like that before. You have some beautiful tea pots and dishes that are perfect for Valentine's Day. I will be setting up some decorations for Valentine's Day soon, however I am unable to keep our dining room table decorated that nicely for any length of time as we do have to use it as it is the only table, which happens to be in a central area and ends up being a landing spot throughout the week for "things" as we come and go. If I had a separate formal dining room it would be easier to keep it decorated. However, I do usually put a seasonal centerpiece of some kind on it and then dress it up for special dinners. I enjoy doing that, and you have given me some inspiration to get ready for Valentine's "Month". Have a blessed and beautiful weekend.

  2. Stunning setting. It certainly brightens up the month of February.

  3. Bernideen: Your table is so pretty. The new dishes and cloth are definitely "heart" worthy. I love setting a pretty table but, unfortunately, the actual meal usually happens on the couch in front of the TV..Happy weekend..xxoJudy

  4. My goodness, what a beautiful table you have set! I just love all the special touches, finding just the right dishes, the cupid napkins, so many delightful lovely things! I agree, that wintertime is a month of catching up on projects I don't often have time for. I would love to have a space and separate table to decorate as you do, but I don't. I enjoy the beauty you create! Many blessings to you!

  5. It's all beautiful Bernideen! I really like your lace tea cozies.

  6. You set the prettiest, dreamiest tables Bernideen! I love the big Cupid as your centerpiece, and then the wonderful plates! What great finds. The lace tablecloth with the cupids makes me swoon, along with your gorgeous tea cozy. Your guests will be enamored!

  7. Your table is so lovely and festive. You have an amazing collection of beautiful dishes and glassware, not to mention the vintage linens. I so enjoy your table settings and look forward to tea in your garden soon.
    I don't have many opportunities to set a lovely table so seeing yours is always a delight.


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