Wednesday, December 13, 2017


These are busy times for all of
us with the wrapping, baking, 
decorating and not to mention....
drinking of tea!

A few years back I started a collection
of the English pieces of Johnson
Brother's Friendly Village.

I recently added a teapot:

I am remembering that I found
most of my pieces of Friendly Village
in Denver Colorado:

My tree has gone vintage now:

I am taking a pause for tea as
I price some items
for my booth at Midway:

My husband and I have been attending
auctions and having way to much fun.
Of course the down side is he has
lots of projects to do now......

I know many of you have the
 Friendly Village pattern and
 this is the perfect 
time of the year to use.


  1. I have some Friendly Village plates, both dinner and dessert, a tea cup, and a few bowls. They are newer ones, not antiques, but I love them anyway and they were more budget friendly for me.

    I'll have to keep my eye out for a tea pot! So sweet!

  2. Dear Bernideen, it does sound like you are having fun! I love your little table top tree with the vintage ornaments. I have a couple of those but they won't be going up this year. Friendly Village is such a lovely pattern. I have a few pieces; enough for two place settings and a nice tea set with four cups and saucers. Your tea today is totally charming! Thank you for hosting and Merry Christmas!

  3. Hi Bernideen, I have Friendly Village too. I use it for my fall and winter dining. I recently bought some of what I will call alternate FV dinner plates - they don't have the red schoolhouse. I do have the schoolhouse ones too. I bought Autumn Mist and the Village Street.
    I recently searched your blog and found your sweet potato casserole which I will be making at Christmas. I've made it before and it is delish!
    Merry Christmas, Bernideen!

  4. The Friendly Village dishes are so warming and fun for this time of year.
    I am still wanting the teapot to go with my Twas The Night Before set of dishes,I'll find it someday.
    I must get back out to your booth and find another treasure, before they are all gone.
    I so enjoy all your decorations that are picture perfect

  5. Good Morning Bernideen. I love your vintage silver tree and all the vintage ornaments are so gorgeous. Your Friendly Village dishwater is so pretty and festive. Thanks for hosting this tea party. Merry Christmas. Thelma xo


  6. Bernideen I like your plaid table clots all together

  7. I'm back because my comment wouldn't publish earlier!
    I so love your Friendly Village pieces, Berideen.I only have a teacup in that pattern, but I just love it. I'm so glad that you and your hubby are having so much fun. Happy season of blessings, my friend....

  8. Oh I love the Friendly Village. Since I mostly just collect transferware teacups, I have only one Friendly Village teacup. How I would love that teapot though. It is wonderful.

  9. I pretty much love Johnson Brothers EVERYTHNG, and have a full set of "His Majesty" that I use at Thanksgiving. My mother had a complete set, including wine glasses, of Friendly Village. I absolutely love it, and would love to have her set, but I hate to disrupt the house now that dad is there alone. Eventually, it will be mine, and for the moment I'm content enough to look at it at dad's. Fun post!

  10. Wonderful Bernideen! Christmas calles for Friendly Village! I am way behind this year getting Christmas out...indeed, may not even unpack it all, so am really enjoying your lovely post! Thanks for hosting, and for linking to Tuesday Cuppa Tea!

  11. Wow!Your post is fabulous!Looove that gorgeous teaset,just wonderful!What a beautiful Christmas tree!Merry Christmas,dear Bernideen!Thanks for hosting!

  12. Oh good, I see you got the teapot! Where did you find it? Now you know that is my pattern for Winter so if you have extra's let me know before putting them in your booth, so I can buy them. xoxo

  13. I'm also a fan of the Friendly Village pattern. A few years ago, I found a set of 6 mugs in excellent condition at the thrift store. Since I didn't have room for them, my mom brought it home with her. Since then, we've added 4 tea sets. I'd love to add the teapot! Your vintage-style tree is also pretty. Thank you for hosting, Bernideen.

  14. Hi Bernideen,
    I love your vintage tree and of course your Friendly Village too.
    I just set a table today with my Friendly Village china.
    It sounds like you are still busy and enjoying life.
    Thank you for hosting,

  15. Hi Bernideen. Oooohhhhh I adore your vintage aluminum tree. I remember a few years ago seeing an affordable one in a local antique store and didn't get it.

    I couldn't get it out of my head, went back next day and it has sold. Ugh.
    I hate it when that happens.

    Your Friendly Village collection is amazing, too.

    Thank you for hosting, it is nice to join in the fun. Hugs.

  16. Bernideen, I love Johnson Brothers. Don't have any Friendly Village, but that could change at anytime! The cup and saucer in my link this week is Royal Albert "Colours" in yellow.

  17. How beautiful your collection of Friendly Village is! I really like JB patterns! Have a wonderful week! Thanks for hosting and always joining HSH!


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