Friday, December 1, 2017


When I closed my Colorado shop
 back in 2015 I had some designer 
Costume jewelry left and I have been
 looking for something I could put it in 
that could have a lock on to sell it
 at my Midway Antique Mall booth. 

Recently at an auction I saw this old
1950's style china - ugly and weird but
with promise! (it was $ cheap) Sorry 
I didn't get an earlier photo 
before Keith removed the legs
and started painting it shabby chic.
The legs were very short so it wasn't 
very tall.

As you can see, he sat it on top
 and secured it to a little table with
 sturdy legs.  It was very low to the
 floor before.   The actual case is
 narrow with 2 glass sliding doors
 on the front and 5 glass shelves.

Do you have time to read my funny story?

My story goes like this:  while we were at this auction my husband got called into his part time "work" (he drives and picks up cars for a dealership and is one of those courtesy drivers like you've seen retirees do)  I really wanted this piece so I took him to work and went back just in time to get it.  But how was I going to load it all by myself with a bad knee?  I just had to do it that's how!  I got a dolly and loaded it as it was not heavy.  Right as I was figuring out how to get it in my car along came this "cowboy rough type" who is loud and aggressive.  He demanded that he help me and jumped up in our Honda to pull it in.  Of course the 2 glass front doors fell all the way into the case - of course they did!  Oh brother!  But the miracle was that they did not break - can you imagine?  An experience I shall never forget!

A few more photos:

So if you are traveling between St. Louis
 and Kansas City on I-70 - stop at 
Midway and check out my booth
 which has Sweet Romance, Kenny Ma
Michal Negrin costume jewelry.


  1. Too funny! I'd like to have seen his face when the doors fell in! Bet he was relieved they didn't break.

  2. O my goodness, I would have had a heart attack with some man jumping in my car.. thank goodness the glass didn't breal phew.... love and hugs... your booth looks fabulous Bernideen.. wish I could stop by.. cabinet seems to fit perfect.. Happy sales, and Happy Holidays with love Janice

  3. Bernideen I want to hurry out there right now and shop your booth. Hope I can get by Sunday afternoon

  4. Your booth is so inviting! I'm not a jewelry fan (don't even wear my wedding ring usually), but I would be drooling all over that Santa's!

  5. Great treasures! I would be crazy there!Crazy for your booth and for porcelains in the photos!Hugs!

  6. Oh my goodness, Bernideen, I'm so glad that the glass didn't break!! What a story! The cabinet looks so pretty in your shop, and of course your home looks perfectly decorated.

  7. Fun booth. Glad the glass didn't break! Yikes.

  8. Your helpful cowboy story is too funny, Bernideen. Glad that the glass survived the fall. Your booth looks great!


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