Friday, August 23, 2013


Like many of you, I have always been a great fan of Anne of Green Gables and have loved the characters in L. M. Montgomery's books and the story of a little girl who faced life under difficult circumstances but made the best of it all!  And then - what's not to love about Marilla and Mathew Cuthbert?  I also laugh when I think of the character Rachel Lynn!

If I am baking, I will often put the Anne of Green Gables DVD's on in the background and I also play the CD music in the mornings as I am getting ready for work. 

 Once for an event at my store, I put pudding
 in a crock.  Then I was able to purchase these large gummy rats - yes gummy rats....we had them crawling up the sides of the crock and across a cake.  

My friend Kathilee (who passed away last year) loved Anne of Green Gables and said whenever she was upset about something she put the video's on  in the background "for comfort".  She was also known to belt out "Oh Promise Me" unexpectedly!  She gave me this copy of the book with Anne with the red hair!


  1. Never too late for a tribute to one of the most endearing fictional characters of all time.

    Your table, doll, books and story is sweet, Bernideen and very well done. Love this.

    By the by, I still - a whole year later - haven't watched the movies. I have just read her, gotta do that one of these days.

    I think your beloved friend had it right - Anne's philosophy to see good in everything is comfort, indeed. We ALL could aspire to learn from that, can't we? Being Gloomy Gus or Negative Nancy is never a winner.

    Have a blessed and wonderful weekend. Hugs.


  2. Bernideen, your Anne Tea Time is so sweet. The movie Anne of Green Gables is always a wonderful pick-me-up and the music score is so beautiful! I have read the books so many times that my original AGG had mostly loose pages which kept falling out so I had to purchase a new one. I think Megan Follows made the perfect Anne for the movie and I watch it at least once a year. LM Montgomery will always remain one of my favourite authors. Thank you for sharing your Anne Girl tea with Tea Time and my HOME and have a lovely weekend.


  3. Wonderful Anne tea table tribute! We love Anne around here, too. Katie walked down the aisle to the theme song...

  4. Hi Bernideen,
    Your tribute to Anne of Green Gables is lovely! That green tea set is very pretty and I love the birdies in your display. What a wonderful collection of books! Have a wonderful weekend. Take care,

  5. Your images are lovely! I really like the green tea set, Bernideen. Have a blessed wknd!

  6. Nice, I like the teaware with the green.

  7. What a fun tribute! I read the book when I was young. Love your dishes there and the doll!

  8. I love your Anne tea!!! If I had known about it, we would of done it. LOvE your large doll! We have a miniature.

  9. How seet Bernideen, what isn't adorable here! I love the beautiful dishes and the sweet doll, as I have a special love for dolls and your Ann tea is lovely. Enjoy your weekend.

  10. Simply lovely lovely - I've not seen any videos - but I've ready every book over and over and over.

  11. Such a sweet tribute. I'm a huge Anne of Green Gables fan and the last books really inspired me as a teacher.

  12. What a lovely tribute! I have long been amazed at your vast abilities in whipping up a vignette on a moment's notice, but it just occurred to me that you must do this at your shop all the time, so maybe that's why it is no biggie for you to do this at home!

  13. Lovely, Bernideen, absolutely lovely! I adore Anne! Gorgeous tea setting to honor this wonderful kindred spirit!
    I appreciate you sharing with Home and Garden Thursday,


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